Line On Belly During Pregnancy

Line On Belly During Pregnancy


Linea Nigra During Pregnancy

Expectant mother during the pregnancy is completely transformed. Changes occur at both the emotional and physiological level. The nature of some of the metamorphoses is obvious without much explanation, for example, it is clear why the belly is increased and breasts engorge.

But why is the dark line appearing on the belly during pregnancy? How to explain that at some this line does not appear? And if you cannot prevent its appearance, when after delivery does the line on the belly disappear?

Why Does the Line on the Belly Appear?

A dark longitudinal line appears on the belly of almost every pregnant woman. This is a temporary phenomenon. After the child's birth the color of the belly will become the same. Expectant mother doesn't have to be upset and worry on this occasion. The line on the belly during pregnancy does not pose any risk for either the woman or the child.

Actually every person regardless of sex and age has this line. It is called the white line and normally has the skin color. The white line is composed of fibers of tendons and separates the muscles on the sides of the abdomen. It is on the border between them the muscle tissue turns into tendinous one. This explains its appearance.

During gestation of the baby the mom notices that the line turns brown. This is because the baby grows, the belly increases and the muscles are stretched. The white line of the belly also stretches and becomes more visible. Adrenal glands of the pregnant women are working hard, which leads to increased melanin that colors the line.

Width, height, intensity of the line are individual. At some it comes only to the navel, at others – to the ribs. This is due to the individual characteristics of the female body. But the emergence of such line must not upset the future mother. Rather, on the contrary, if the line is shown and darkens, then the pregnancy develops, and the baby is growing.

Do All Women Have it?

The brown line on the belly during pregnancy is not always the case. 1 out of 10 women manages to avoid this. The modern medicine cannot explain such statistics. It is believed that the pigment line on the belly during pregnancy is more likely to form at black-eyed moms with dark complexion. The blondes are less prone to the phenomenon.

But the color of the line is affected by other factors. For example, climatic conditions, the degree of ultraviolet radiation. For the line not to be too intense, the expectant mother should minimize the tanning time.

The period when during pregnancy the belly line appears is different for every woman. Most often this happens towards the end of the second trimester. But if there was pigmentation during the first pregnancy, then at each next it appears with a high probability in earlier times, and its coloration becomes more pronounced.

When Will the Line Disappear?

Line On Belly In Pregnancy

Most women do not like the appearance of pigmentation. They wonder when after childbirth the line on the belly disappears and whether this will happen. There is no need to worry, such a problem like a line on the belly disappears in most cases a few months after childbirth. Sometimes, the color of the white line may persist for 6 months after the baby is born and in extremely rare cases remains visible for a longer period, only slightly turning white.

How to Get Rid of the Line?

How to remove the line on the belly? In general, all the answers to this question have one thing in common-we should wait a bit. Most likely in the first 6 months after birth of the baby the dark line will gradually turn white and become quite invisible. If you absolutely can't wait and want to speed up this process, you can use the bleaching cream. But it is important to carefully examine the composition of the cream, it should not contain mercury and other components prohibited for women during lactation.

If the line on the belly does not disappear for a long time after the childbirth, you can consult your dermatologist and cosmetologist. The modern cosmetology in the absence of health problems will help the woman fix a problem in a few sessions.

Popular Superstitions

If you believe popular superstitions, the line on the belly during pregnancy will help you determine the sex of your baby. It is believed that if a white line is pigmented weakly, unpronounced and comes only to the navel, the girl will be born. And the dark long line heralds the birth of a male heir. However, not everything is so simple. Only with the help of modern medical technologies the sex of the baby can be defined for sure.

How to Prevent the Appearance of the Line?

Most likely there is no remedy that can protect the future mother from the dark line on the belly. But you can try to make it not so visible. What to do that the brown line on the belly does not manifest during pregnancy? You can answer this question understanding what external factors contribute to pigmentation of the white line, and how to minimize their impact.

It is known that ultraviolet light increases brightness of coloring of the skin. It means that during pregnancy, it is necessary to reduce the exposure to the sun. And if you really want to become sun-burnt, it is important to regularly use sunscreen cream with a sun protection factor of not less than 30. When choosing a sun block cream or spray you should pay attention to its composition. It should contain zinc or titanium oxide (mechanical filters) that are safe for mother and baby. The following factor contributing to the intense accumulation of pigment in the white line is the food of the pregnant woman.

So that after childbirth it is easier to get rid of this problem, you should exclude from the diet or try to minimize the intake of:

  • strong tea;
  • strong coffee;
  • fat meat.

You should increase in the diet the products containing folic and ascorbic acid. The lack of these substances in the body of the future mom can provoke hyperpigmentation. To maintain healthy skin woman should eat fruits and vegetables, especially green, lemons, tea with brier. To improve skin condition and overall health on the prescription of the physician you can drink vitamin complex for pregnant women.

Dark line on the belly is a frequent companion of the pregnancy. Very few manage to avoid its appearance. The expectant mother in most cases cannot affect the process of pigmentation of the white line. You can try to adjust it by special diet and sunscreens, but until the baby is born, the result will most likely not be so obvious.

But even if all efforts failed, and the line on the belly did appear, you should not get upset. You can perceive the dark line as evidence of successful development of the baby. Soon after the childbirth it will turn white and gradually disappear without a trace.

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