Flat Head Babies

Flat Head Babies


Flat Head Babies

Young inexperienced parents have a huge variety of issues with the advent of the baby. Lack of experience and physiological characteristics of the newborn would raise doubts and sometimes even fear.

Very often mixed emotions arise because of the shape of a baby's head: many moms and dads are worried that a baby has a stretched, squashed, flat, bevel head or nape.

Such manifestations indeed sometimes may indicate the development of pathology in the baby. But these are pretty rare, exceptional cases. Almost always uneven, ovoid or flattened shape of a newborn's head is a physiological norm.

Baby Flat Head Before and After Pictures

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my baby is starting to get a flat head

Flat Head of the Baby

Virtually all pediatricians always calm and assure young parents that once the baby begins to sit down and spend more time upright, the head will start to be evenly rounded and leveled out. Often this happens even earlier — already in 2-3 months.

However, in some cases, deformation of the head is a sign of a certain dysfunction. The flat back of the head in a newborn may be the companion of a starting rickets, if the baby is rarely taken out: Bones in rickets are not strengthened due to a lack of calcium in the body, remain soft and easily deformed, fontanels do not overgrow for a long time. In such cases, the pediatricians prescribe the newborn vitamin D and calcium.

If a child turns his head all the time to only one "favorite" side, no matter how he is laid, or kept in hands, you should suspect a development he torticollis and consult a specialist. When fontanels overgrow very quickly and prematurely, problems are also possible (craniostenosis is formed): Due to increased intracranial pressure, the skull bones are capable of bending and deforming.

But once again, we emphasize that such cases are rare. Moreover, an experienced physician immediately will notice something amiss during an inspection of the kid. But if you pass in a timely manner all scheduled inspections at the specialists (in particular, surgeon, neurologist) and their conclusions about the health of the baby is satisfactory, then it is totally not worth to worry about the child's uneven head!

How to Level Out the Head of the Baby?

And yet, there is a difference between serenity and inaction. It is likely that even without participation from your side the uneven head of the baby will be leveled out in due time. But it is also possible that this will not happen, if the situation is left unattended.

In order to facilitate the formation of a beautiful smooth skull you should alternate the side of the bed, to which the baby's head is turned: throw pillow in one end of the crib, or in another (e.g., a week this way, a week otherwise). Offer the baby the breast or bottle, too, each time from different sides. If the baby prefers one breast, then put him to sleep so that the head is turned in the opposite direction. You can prop up the head and back of the newborn with a roller so that he does not roll over.

Don't be afraid to take a baby once more on your hands: This is very useful for his overall development, psycho-emotional tranquility, for a closer contact with the mother and including — to level out the head, because, being upright, he will not feel pressure in the cranial bones, as it happens in the supine position. Frequent laying on the tummy, among other things (eliminating gases, strengthening muscle tissue) will also help the head to level out faster.

Video: Natural Treatment for Baby Flat head Syndrome.

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