How To Fake A Pregnancy Test

How To Fake A Pregnancy Test


Way 1. Use of a Comic Test

How To Fake A Pregnancy Test 1

1. Buy the counterfeit test for pregnancy. Look for such test in shops of comic gifts and draws. Such test when using always yields positive take, irrespective of the state of the person doing the test. You can also buy such test for eBay or in other online stores.

2. Report to the victim of draw that suspect that can be the pregnant woman.

  • Explain that you have periods delay, at least, of 2 weeks.
  • Tell him or her about when had to begin monthly (count two weeks back).
  • He or she probably will advise you to make the test for pregnancy.
  • Make it in day or two before dough that everything looked more naturally.

3. Ask the victim of draw to be present at the father-in-law to give you moral support. Everything will look much more plausible if the person himself sees results of the test.

4. Make the test. You can make the test for pregnancy in two ways:

  • Urinate directly on test stick.
  • Urinate in glass and lower in the stick. At this way the probability to be soiled is less.

5. Wait for results. In the present tests for pregnancy usually it is required to wait 3-5 minutes.

6. Remain in the image. When it becomes clear that the test positive, react respectively, – cry or shout if it approaches on situation.

7. Enjoy reaction of the victim of draw.

8. Do not forget to report that it was only a joke!

Way 2. Other Tactics

How To Fake A Pregnancy Test 2

Use urine of the pregnant woman. You are able to do it if you wish to make a really good draw, and also if you know some pregnant woman.

  • Ask the woman, whether she is ready to help you with your draw.
  • Use the present test for pregnancy. You will need to have with yourself sample of urine of the pregnant woman and to pretend that it yours, during passing of dough.

Correct the present test for pregnancy. Many tests show result plus (positive) or minus (negative). Draw on the father-in-law positive sign by means of colored pen or pencil.


  • If you do it as April Fools' joke, tell the victim of draw that you suspect that you are pregnant in day or two (on March 30-31) prior to the dough, and make the test on April 1st.
  • Get the counterfeit test for pregnancy from packaging and put it in packaging of a real test.
  • Many women do more than one test on pregnancy to be convinced of correctness of results. Buy two counterfeit dough and use both of them that the joke has turned out much more seriously and more convincingly.

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  • Emily says:

    I tricked my boyfriend once and he believed) I bought the test in the prank shop.

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