How Many Weeks Is A Pregnancy

How Many Weeks Is A Pregnancy


How Many Weeks is a Normal Pregnancy?

Most pregnant women feel like to know about the way their child develops while they bear it and that willing should be respected. The more a future mother knows about the fetus development, the better she is prepared to cope with difficulties faced. The concern of most females about their pregnancy is the length in weeks to find the delivery date and this is important to know. However, amongst women are those who plan their pregnancy and delivery date with the highest accuracy or want to do that.

How Long Does a Pregnancy Last?

Weeks of pregnancy: It takes 266 days, or 38 weeks to bear a normal child from the date of conceiving to delivery. Since the majority of pregnant women is not aware of the date of impregnation, it is taken as the date of their last periods. This term lasts 280 days or 40 weeks. A pregnancy normally develops 38 weeks though gynecologists take it as 40-week period assuming that a pregnancy starts from the first day when their cycle began. The fetus is 2 weeks younger than the obstetricians believe.

How Many Weeks are in a Trimester of Pregnancy

These 40 weeks are classified into 3 trimesters.

  • The first trimesters last from 1st to 12th week;
  • The second – from 13th to 26th week;
  • The last – from 27th week to the due date of delivery.

Chart How Many Weeks is a Full Term Pregnancy in Humans


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In fact, in the first two weeks nothing feels to a woman. On the week 3 the embryo moves to the uterus and gets implanted. Alcohol is extremely risky to consume on the 4th week when major class of organs and systems are formed. A pregnancy may be detected by ultrasonography on the Week 5. The brain starts developing on the 6th week and the blood circulatory system starts functioning on the 7th week. In the week 7, most women suffer from nausea or food aversion that is transient by the Week 12.

Arms and legs of the fetus normally form by the Week 10 along with ear auricles and the brain intensely develops. This is the period when a future mother may want to speak to her child she bears under her heart. If a pregnant is a multiparous woman she will notice the child’s movements by the Week 16. A primipara, that is a woman who impregnates for the first time, can feel it on the 20th week.

The point is that a pregnant has to learn to sit, walk and lie down differently than she is used to. The child’s brain dynamically develops and the fetus responses to maternal emotions by the Week 24 and hence, a woman should avoid any stresses especially this period. After the week 30, the child seats to come up with its head down. A future mom should keep to a healthy diet to ensure a proper nutrition to her baby.

On the other part, a woman should keep an eye on her weight to keep it in the limits. After the Week 36, the fetus looks like the same as it will be born. The due day may start on the 37th week and, thus, a woman should get have her bag with necessities packed yet. And finally you can accept congratulations after the 40th (in some cases after the week 42) week with your baby born. Since then, you forget about week-troubles since you get concerned with far more important issues.

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