Physical Symptoms of Pregnancy

Physical Symptoms of Pregnancy


Early Physical Symptoms and Signs

The moment a woman gets pregnant, in her organism a million of physical processes starts. The aim of these processes is to save this delicate condition of a woman and make it go fine. You can notice the first physical symptoms of pregnancy several days after the fertilized ovum gets implanted in the wall of the womb.

Many of the symptoms are not obvious. Due to this, a pregnant woman may not notice them or think that she’s a bit tired or unwell. At the same time, some women are able to feel changes even before their periods don’t come on time. You only need to “listen to” your organism more carefully in order to be able to feel them.

As soon as the fertilized ovum gets to the womb and gets implanted in its endometrium, the organism of a future mother starts to “work in collaboration” with the organism of her future baby very actively serving as the starting point for the occurrence of physical symptoms of pregnancy.

First Physical Symptoms of Pregnancy in First Month

physical symptoms of pregnancy week by week

  • The process of the fertilized ovum implantation can cause a little spotting. There may occur small yellow or brown spots on your bed linen approximately on the 3rd week of a 28-days’ cycle.
  • The main physical symptom is absence of periods or significant changes in terms of the character of your periods. If your periods don’t come on time or they are quite scanty, you should buy a pregnancy test.
  • In the beginning of pregnancy, the desire to urinate occurs more often than before. This is not caused by the fact that the womb is growing. Actually, its size hasn’t changed so much far. The reason for it is connected with the changing endocrine profile.
  • Hormones contribute to your bowel becoming looser. Sometimes, a sudden bowel movements disorder is one of the first signs of pregnancy.
  • On the 6-8th week of pregnancy, morning sickness may start to occur. Many women suffer from this state when nausea and vomiting occur during certain periods of time. Women suffer from morning sickness up until the 12-14th week of pregnancy. It gradually disappears by the end of the 1st trimester.
  • One of the most common physical symptoms is an urge to sleep. The organism of a woman is subject to radical changes during the first trimester of pregnancy. That’s why it aims to save as much energy as possible. A pregnant woman can sleep up to 12 hours a day and there’s nothing wrong about it.
  • Apart from the fact that your periods don’t come, there occur the first unusual desires in terms of your eating habits and taste. Unusual desires in terms of food are often a subject to be mocked at. Sometimes, the desire to eat unusual combination of foods is connected with the critical need of the developing fetus since, during the first weeks, the foundation for all the systems and organs is laid out.

It’s very important to detect physical symptoms of pregnancy on time. It is very helpful in case there is rhesus incompatibility of a mother and her fetus, risk of miscarriage, a case of extrauterine pregnancy and other cases when it’s necessary to be provided with treatment on time.

If a woman finds out about the fact that she’s pregnant almost in the beginning of pregnancy, she’ll be able to take necessary measures in terms of her diet and regimen. Moreover, she’ll be able to pay more attention to the changes in her organism so that to prevent loss of her baby and feeling unwell.

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