How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests


How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests


Can You Trust the Results?

Pregnancy tests is one of the most accurate and reliable ways to detect conceiving on your own at home. Besides, they are very easy to use, can be carried out very quickly, and costs rather cheap. Also, you don’t need anybody else, except for yourself, to carry out a pregnancy test. However, many woman want to know how precise the tests are and whether they can trust its results.

There are various kinds of pregnancy tests. The easiest and the cheapest ones are test strips. They are very popular and most often to be used by women. However, in comparison with more expensive and sensitive jet pregnancy tests they are not so precise and reliable. Overall, modern tests have a very high level of accuracy. It is accurate in 99 % of cases. In 1 % of cases, the manufacturers say that a mistake may occur.

There is a number of reasons why the results of the tests may be false. However, the gynecologist are becoming more and more skeptical about the pregnancy tests carried out at home. Nowadays, the doctors say that the tests are accurate in not more than 97 % of cases. very often, this rate may be even less. Still, if you follow all the rules and keep in mind all the factors that may influence the result of the test, the result may be quite accurate.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind

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  • Jet pregnancy tests are considered to be the most accurate and sensitive.
  • It is necessary to strictly follow the instruction given with the test. This way your results will be as accurate as possible.
  • You shouldn’t touch the reactionary area of the test.
  • Before you carry out a test, no moisture or dirt should get on it.
  • A test can’t be used if its shelf life has expired or if the packaging is damaged. The packaging should be sealed.
  • No other substances should get into your urine sample.
  • You shouldn’t try to detect a pregnancy after a necessary period (written on the packaging) for it is out. The result won’t be accurate.
  • You need to know when to do the test so that it’s more accurate. Remember: the more your period of pregnancy is the more accurate is the result of a test. The level of HCG in blood and urine reaches its peak by the 2nd – 3rd month of pregnancy.
  • A test will be more accurate if you do it in the morning and use your first urine for it.
  • You shouldn’t’t use stale urine for a test.
  • In order to get a more accurate result you need to do several tests and use tests created by different manufacturers. The interval between the tests should be 2-3 days.
  • If your periods are not regular, the stage of the pregnancy may be less than you expect, that’s why the test may give a wrong result.
  • Don’t forget about the first signs of pregnancy that may already be evident and prove that your suspicions are right.
  • You may check the accuracy of a test with the help of a basal temperature. In case of pregnant women, it’s higher than 37 °C.
  • Remember that there’s a number of reasons why a test may be mistaken.

It also should be noted that feeling not well, lactation, menopause, drinking alcohol and taking drugs (except for those that contain HCG), taking contraceptives and other factors do not influence the result of a test.

However, a test carried out at home doesn’t guarantee a 100 % accurate result and can’t replace a necessary examination of a gynecologist, especially if your periods do not start. keep in mind that a test is unable to detect any possible pathology. This is only possible if you do a blood test or undergo an ultrasonic investigation. That’s why if you think that you may be pregnant, you need to visit a gynecologist irrespective of a test’s results.

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