Hormones After Pregnancy

Hormones After Pregnancy


Surprising Ways to Restore Hormones After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth is a natural process in the life of every woman. However, it becomes a real test for the organism. During 9 months, there is the restructuring of all organs and systems to a new level of functioning that is the child's life support. Hormonal background suffers serious changes.

According to the doctors, after childbirth, it should gradually recover and come to the former state. In practice hormonal imbalances often are diagnosed in women after the baby is already a few months. There are several factors that prevent the body adjust to the former, but already renewed wave.

Causes of Hormonal Failure After Childbirth

It is clear that childbirth is already the cause of disrupted hormonal level. The following factors are delaying its recovery after delivery:

  • prolonged, difficult childbirth with complications;
  • the absence of breast milk;
  • various diseases in the first months after the child's birth;
  • stress and emotions during that period;
  • use of potent medicines (including hormonal contraceptives);
  • poor diet, ill-timed diets;
  • alcohol and cigarettes.

After the delivery it is very difficult for the body to recover alone. It requires a certain help from the woman herself. If she too quickly returned to the former lifestyle (again began smoking, quit to breast-feed, went immediately to work, etc.), hormonal background cannot drastically change, the secretion of hormones will be broken – the condition of a woman will deteriorate instead of the expected improvements.

To this condition can lead a very different picture when a woman is too busy with the newborn, gives him a lot of energy, is not sleeping at night, does not eat well and is nervous about trifles. In such a situation not strengthened organism of the mother simply doesn't find forces to recover — and the hormonal background suffers.

Symptoms of the Disrupted Hormonal Background

Hormones After Pregnancy, Ways to Restore

To recognize these disruptions, after 3-4 months after delivery you need to analyze your physical, mental and emotional state and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Usually the woman herself would be able to recognize basic symptoms of hormonal failure during this period:

  • an abrupt change of the mood, emotional instability;
  • nervousness, constant desire to cry, irritability, outbursts of aggression;
  • feelings of guilt, bad thoughts (I'm a bad mom and others), suspicion;
  • depressed mood;
  • breastfeeding problems: the lack of milk, the reluctance to breastfeed the child;
  • intense hair loss;
  • a big difference in weight compared to what it was before childbirth, either excess or shortage;
  • painful menstruation;
  • rashes and excessive pigmentation on the skin of the face and body;
  • decreased libido: unwillingness to comply with marital debt, unpleasant or painful sensation during intercourse.

Postpartum depression can last a month or two, but when it drags on longer, this indicates that the ratio of estrogen and progesterone (the most important female hormones) is broken and does not correspond to the normal indicators.

This has a variety of consequences for young moms. Firstly, she may never feel the joy of motherhood behind a veil of this depression. Secondly, the problems with hormones always entail malfunctions of other body systems. So, the question becomes relevant, how to restore hormonal failure after delivery, which the doctor will help you answer.

Treatment of Hormonal Imbalance

Therapist or gynecologist to clarify and confirm the diagnosis will appoint a urine and blood hormones test to determine what level of which hormone needs to be brought to the norm. Firstly, you will need to find out the causes of hormonal malfunction and, if possible, eliminate them: stop taking drugs, quit smoking, stop being nervous etc. Secondly, the medications are appointed, the purpose of which is to restore the balance of hormones and stimulate their secretion.


  • antilipidum tea;
  • biocalcium;
  • cellulose;
  • cordyceps;
  • biozinc;
  • cyclodinon;
  • esstrynol.

Alone, without a doctor's prescription, you should not drink any drugs from this series, as doctor selects them according to individual performance and results of analysis. With the self-treatment, the condition of a woman can only get worse.

The effectiveness of drug therapy can be enhanced through consultations with the psychologist or psychotherapist specializing in postpartum depression. At home with the permission of the physician, naturopathic treatment can be used.

Folk Remedies

Hormone After Pregnancy


If the problem is with the secretion of estrogen, then you should drink an infusion of sage from 6 to 15 day of menstrual cycle. A tablespoon of dry sage pour with a glass of boiled water, infuse for half an hour, then drain, and drink 100 ml before meals three times a day.

Ancerine Tormentil

For progesterone production you need to drink an infusion of ancerine tormentil from 16 to 25 day of the cycle. A tablespoon of dry ancerine tormentil pour with a glass of boiled water, infuse for half an hour, then drain, and drink 100 ml before meals three times a day.


Helps to produce women's sexual hormones, regulates the menstrual cycle. Grind and brew 2 tablespoons of dry grass with a cup of boiling water. Drink warm twice a day before meals by 150 ml.


It is a powerful phytoestrogen. It should be brewed in a thermos: a tablespoon mix with a cup of water and leave for 8 hours. Drink before meals twice a day by 150 ml.

Despite the effectiveness of many folk remedies, only a doctor can fully and correctly answer the question of how to treat hormonal failure after birth. Without the advice of a medical professional it is better not to risk your own health and the health of your baby and not be treated by artisanal methods. But the harmonious combination of medicinal and folk remedies with the permission of the physician can accelerate the recovery process of hormonal background and return a woman to normal life.

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