Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Hair Removal During Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Hair Removal

The life of every woman changes dramatically at a time when she realizes that she is pregnant. We have to change habits, some of which are daily procedures to care for ourselves. Hormones in the body of a pregnant woman are strongly rebuilt, bringing with it a lot of unpleasant and unwanted "surprises", one of which is increased body hair.

Is it Possible to Do Hair Removal During Pregnancy

There are some contraindications with respect to the removal of hair, while being pregnant. Women suffering from various skin diseases are strictly forbidden to epilate. Another contraindication for hair removal are the various forms of herpes, infectious diseases, allergies, diabetes and hypertension. Experts in the field of cosmetology recommend for pregnant girls and women to completely abandon the hair removal. Especially that there is a great alternative for body care – available for all and known depilation (shaving of hair).

Is it Possible to Do Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy

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Laser hair removal completely destroys the structure of hair, as well as the entire follicle, which is its overwhelming advantage. This method of hair removal is quite expensive, but absolutely painless and is suitable only for dark-haired representatives with a porcelain complexion. Minuses of these procedures can be dry skin and thus its premature aging. Pregnancy brings a lot of trouble to women, and even without laser the skin is always overdried. The use of this method of hair removal for pregnant women is strictly prohibited.

Waxing is known since ancient times, it was widely used by sophisticated women of ancient Egypt. Such type of hair removal, in addition to pain, has a very high efficiency. The positive properties of waxing are minimal irritation and removal of even the shortest hair. Use it or not, it’s up to a woman. However, only on the condition that the woman is familiar with the procedure and rules of waxing. During pregnancy sensations vary greatly, the skin becomes extremely sensitive. Contraindications to waxing is a varicose of veins.

Hair Removal During Pregnancy: Opinions of Doctors

A pregnant woman is experiencing not only the hormonal changes, eating disorders, changes in mood, but also low body protective functions. Reduced immunity triggers the appearance of allergic reactions, so it is important to take responsibility for the choice of means for hair removal. Of course, the most appropriate solution would be to completely eliminate the painful procedures, because it causes stress, which significantly affects the mood of a pregnant woman that is highly undesirable in her perfect position. Regular stressful situations may be the cause of miscarriage in early pregnancy.

Opinions of experts in the field of health agree on one thing, that the most harmless way to the destruction of the hair for a woman waiting for a child, it is a well-known photo-epilation. This procedure is in heat waves that affect the small blood vessels that feed the hair follicles, resulting that the hair ceases to receive nutrients and just dies. To date it is not known exactly, whether the epilation is harmful or not, so expectant mothers should avoid its use.

Women who have experienced the happiness of pregnancy should weigh everything: whether it is necessary to expose the health of their unborn child in order to have the legs glabrous? Different types of hair removal in any case will have a negative impact not only on the change in the mood, but also on health. The most risky are the photo-epilation, electroepilation and laser hair removal. It is better to be patient and enjoy every day of your miraculous situation than later regret of the deeds. And if you cannot wait, then the best option is a good old-fashioned hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe During Pregnancy?

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