Spa During Pregnancy

Spa During Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Spa Treatments

Spa treatment is an easy and inexpensive way to relax, relieve the stress and just get away from reality. However, a visit to the spa during pregnancy has its own nuances. The reason is that some spa treatments can be dangerous for your health and the health of your child.

Is it Safe to Visit Spa During Pregnancy

Doctors do not prohibit all spa treatments. On the contrary, some doctors strongly recommend them, because spa treatments help to reduce the stress level, are beneficial for the immune system and make a woman feel happy.

When Can You Visit Spa During Pregnancy

The best time for pregnant women to visit spa is the second trimester. The morning sickness is already behind. During the second trimester the chances of miscarriage or preterm labor are lower, so woman can worry less.

Many spa-salons offer treatments for pregnant women only after 12 weeks of pregnancy. You may find out that some spa treatments for pregnant women have certain limitations, and women are not allowed to book an appointment after the 32nd week of pregnancy.

What Procedures are Recommended

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Lymphatic drainage can be attributed to spa treatment, recommended to pregnant women and is particularly suited to women on the fourth month of pregnancy. This massage helps to remove toxins and excess fluid from the body. It is useful for the bloodstream and nervous system, and helps the expectant mother relax. During the procedure, you cannot lie on your back, because in this position the important blood vessels are compressed and blood pressure plummets.

Facial massage is also in the list of spa treatments recommended for pregnant women. Do it to cleanse the pores, prevent the appearance of acne and other skin irritations. However, keep in mind that th skin of some mothers-to-be becomes very touch-sensitive, so this procedure is not suitable for everyone.

Foot massage copes with swelling and fatigue in the legs. However, excessively intensive foot massage can harm the health of the expectant mother if she has varicose veins and threaten her life, causing the formation of blood clots in the body.

Reflexology and other additional therapy should be used in moderation. Impact in the right locations eliminates fatigue and stress during pregnancy, but stimulation of certain areas can cause uterine contractions. That's why it's important to choose the right spa treatment specialist.

Aromatherapy is also very useful, but you should avoid the following scents: yarrow, jasmine, cinnamon, nutmeg. They can be replaced with the smells of citrus, geranium and lavender. In addition, essential oils should not touch the skin because they can penetrate it and the placenta.

This is Prohibited

Spa treatments, which led to increased body temperature, are totally prohibited. In the next nine months you should forget about the sauna, jacuzzi, hydromassage, solarium, steam bath, hot mineral springs. At elevated temperatures, the amount of blood flowing to the uterus decreases, and there is a real risk to damage the embryo.

It is desirable to avoid hot bath as well because it has the same effect as the listed spa treatments. You can only afford to relax in the bath with a moderately warm water for 7-8 minutes and not more than once a week.

Useful Tips

Always go to specialized spa-centers, which offer treatments that are appropriate for pregnant women. Follow the doctor's recommendations. Do not visit spas during the first trimester, because the child's immune system is underdeveloped, and his health is very fragile during this period. Always tell the therapist about your pregnancy and advise him on what week you are.

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