Hair Dye And Pregnancy

Hair Dye And Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Hair Dye

Any external influence during the course of pregnancy influences fetus this or that way. This influence may be either negative or positive. You start thinking and over and keeping under control what you eat and drink. Sometimes, you start wondering “May I paint my nails or not?” As for dying hair, this is a much more specific question because your hair is like a sponge that takes in everything from the environment. Hair dye contains lots of components that may get into your organism through pores.

Doctors have two opposing views on this: some doctors think that it is forbidden, the other consider this to be quite safe and therefore allow it. However, all the doctors agree that hair dye contains toxins. These two opposing views exist for one reason: there is no evidence that hair dye influences on the pregnancy and the development of the fetus in the womb negatively.

Is it Allowed to Dye Hair During Pregnancy?

In this case, a question arises Is it worth risking safety and health of the baby? If there is no way you can refuse dying your hair, you need to be rather serious about safety rules when using hair dye:

  • You need to choose hair dye thoroughly. Pay attention to the fact whether there is ammonia. There shouldn’t’t be any of it;
  • Use disposable gloves when dying your hair;
  • You should strictly follow the time regime;
  • If it is possible, try breathing in as little dye vapour as possible.

Is Nail Polish and Hair Dye Safe During Pregnancy?

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  • Sharon says:

    I dyed hair on the 9th week of pregnancy and there weren’t any consequences. I did it in a well-known hairdressing salon and I used an expensive dye for that

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