Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

Frequent Urination During Pregnancy


Frequent Urination in Pregnancy

The whole period of a woman’s pregnancy may be accompanied by frequent urination. Very often, it so happens that there is nothing that can be done with it. In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons for frequent urination and we’ll also find ways to fight with this illness.

Cases of Urination During Pregnancy

First of all, we need to define what is a frequent urination during pregnancy? If a pregnant woman goes to the toilet practically every hour, this is an exact definition of frequent urination during pregnancy. Some girls consider this to be the first symptom of pregnancy. However, this opinion is more personal than impersonal. That’s why there is no need to take it seriously.

During the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman may feel an increased pressure on the urinary bladder even if she didn’t drink lots of water beforehand. The uterus starts to rapidly increase in sizes starting from the very moment when inseminated ovum gets attached to it.

Urges to urinate became less frequent during the 2nd trimester, according to the obstetricians’ term of pregnancy it’s the 16th week. During the whole period of the 2nd trimester, a woman doesn’t suffer from frequent urination. However, at the beginning of the 3rd trimester, these urges come back. By the end of the pregnancy, somewhere between the 38th – 40th week a woman doesn’t have frequent urination cases that often.

There are such cases when due to frequent urination a woman has to always be somewhere near the toilet during all the 9 months of pregnancy.


Frequent urination may not only be a symptom of uterine pregnancy, but also a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy and missed abortion. In order to understand what’s going on with your health you need to consult a gynecologist as soon as possible. This way you’ll be able to make sure if your case of frequent urination really has something to do with pregnancy or it’s a sign of a pathology in your organism.

Pregnant women often complain that because of such nuisance as a frequent urination they can’t sleep well at night – they wake up several times in a row during a night since they have to visit a toilet very often. Gynecologists and urologists find the following explanation for such a symptom as a frequent urination – during the day the water stays in feet, on the face and on hands. During a night, it comes out in the form of urine.

Reasons for Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

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On the basis of the information given, you may have already understood that frequent urination during pregnancy is more likely to be a common case during pregnancy than a sign of a pathology. Frequent urination is in no way harmful to a woman or her baby that is developing inside her.

A pregnant woman is under no condition recommended to restrain the urges for frequent urination. This is exactly the thing that may be harmful. When the organism of a person gets rid of the accumulated urine in the urinary bladder, it gets rid of toxins and harmful elements that may have a negative influence on the fetus.

Now, we’ll enumerate the most widely spread reasons for frequent urination during pregnancy. The first reason that practically all gynecologists give is the fact that as soon as conceiving happens, the hormonal balance of a woman changes sharply.

Starting from the first week of pregnancy, chorionic gonadotropin (or HCG) is actively produced in the organism of a pregnant woman. It is exactly the amount of HCG in blood that allows doctors to say whether a woman is pregnant or not. HCG has a direct influence on frequent urination. The amount of the hormone in blood is decreased by the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy.

One more thing that makes a woman visit toilet more often is the fact that the organism of a pregnant woman produces much more liquid than the organism of an ordinary person. As soon as a woman gets pregnant, the amount of her blood increases sharply. It increases approximately on 50%. Besides, the amount of delivery waters also increases. As a result of all these facts, urine gets out of the organism of a pregnant woman faster. This is absolutely normal. That’s why you should be ready for literally spending the period of your pregnancy being not far from a toilet.

The third widely spread reason for visiting a toilet quite often during pregnancy is the physiological fact of a woman’s uterus getting bigger during the period of pregnancy. Therefore, it starts to press on the urinary bladder. Some patients may not only have cases of frequent urination, but also cases of enuresis. A common urge to cough, sneeze or even a sharp movement of a body may provoke urinary excretion.

The same way there are cases of frequent urination during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. You won’t be able to fight with urinary excretion. The only way here is to constantly visit a toilet.

The Treatment of Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

A woman will be unable to absolutely get rid of frequent urination during pregnancy. The only thing she will need to do is being patient about this condition. A pregnant woman is under no condition recommended limiting the amount of water she drinks per day if there is a case of frequent urination. You need to drink as much as your organism needs, this refers especially to the period of pregnancy.

Doctors mention that in order for the organism of a future mother to function normally without any failures she needs to drink approximately 8 glasses of water per day. If there is a lack of liquid in the organism of a pregnant woman, the possibility of having infectious diseases of urinary system increases.

In order to greatly decrease the number of urges to urinate per day you need to drink less coffee and tea. You need to drink more mineral water without gases instead. Caffeine has a diuretic effect.

It’s recommended to drink clean water during the morning and day-time. If you drink more water during the evening, you’ll necessarily have swelling on your face, hands and feet next morning. You also need to sleep for several hours during the day-time in order to improve your physical condition.

Is it Normal to Have Frequent Urination During Pregnancy?

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