34 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Pregnant


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34 weeks of pregnancy how many months? Is the 8th month or the 3rd trimester

What to Expect at 34 Weeks Pregnant

The body weight of the child becomes more. Somewhere about seven percent, from all weight, fatty tissue makes. Wrinkles disappear, and skin of the baby becomes more smooth. Also the skin shade changes its color becomes pale pink. The first-born down disappears. However the vernix remains on integument. The bone tissue of the child needs strengthening at this time. For this purpose future mother has to consume large amount of calcium.

Almost all organs of the child at this moment function. At the kid heart beats, he breathes, work of digestive tract moves, activated. The body weight of the child by 34th week of pregnancy makes about 2 kg 250 g. Future mother feels megalgia from pains. It occurs because the uterus rises everything above. In upper part of uterus there are spasms and cramping. Pain and cramps becomes stronger each time.

During pains it is desirable to consult to the doctor, in what way it is better to relieve pain. In this plan the individual approach is necessary. At this time rest is necessary for the woman. The husband should explain in detail the events, he surely will understand you.

What Happens to the Baby (Fetus)

34 Weeks Pregnant 1The 34th week nevertheless is not favorable time for childbirth. The remained pregnancy time, the child has to gain weight and continue the development further to be born the full.

On the 34th week of pregnancy it is possible to refer reduction or rolling primary down to features of development of the kid, and further and first-born greasings. Skin of the fetus becomes more smooth, gets more pale color.

Also work of kidneys becomes better as waters start getting to digestive tract amniotic. Position of the kid in mummy also changes. The child turns over head down, for easy passing on patrimonial ways.

Growth of the kid makes about 32 cm, and the weight of 2.250 kg. However you should not go in cycles, these are only average values. In process of development of the child and change of build of mother, indicators can change in different directions.

34 Weeks Pregnancy – How Many of Months is it?

Here also there has come the 34th week of pregnancy. Very soon there will be the major event – meeting of mother and kid. After all mother carried it under heart for all 9 months. The more is term, the more pregnant women reflect on that, how many months the 34th week of pregnancy makes.

If to take traditional usual calendar of pregnancy, the 34th week is just the beginning of the ninth month. However practice in medicine obstetric calendar on which the term of all pregnancy makes 40 weeks. Thus, the 34th week drops out for the end of the eighth month. One "obstetric" month makes 4 usual weeks. That is the pregnancy, according to medicine, lasts ten months.

Ultrasound at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Planned ultrasonic researches by 34th week of pregnancy are, as a rule, already passable. But in medical gynecologic practice cases when additional research of the fetus on indications is required very often meet. Indications can be very various: presentation, hypoxia exception, general assessment of state and development of the child.

Besides, ultrasonography on the 34th week allows to define condition of placenta, to see lack of water or abundance of water, to exercise control over possible encirclement of umbilical cord. Also, important factor is the arrangement indicator in uterus for condition of the fetus. According to inspection the doctor renders the verdict about possibility of natural childbirth and important indicators.

34 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

34 Weeks Pregnant 2

34 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

34 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

34 Week Ultrasound Boy

34 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

34 Week Ultrasound Girl

34 weeks pregnant breech baby pictures

34 weeks pregnant and baby is breech

Childbirth at 34 Weeks Pregnancy

The laws of nature establish other term for labor of new life, but childbirth can happen earlier, even on the 34th week of pregnancy. Different circumstances and signs which the professional doctor will be able to notice can become the reason for so early appearance of the kid. Though here it is possible to find the pluses: almost absolute guarantee that the child will survive.

All bodies already work for it, it moves and breathes. Children who are born, since 34th week of pregnancy, treat not category of premature kids, and to been born ahead of schedule. Undoubtedly, the kid can will leave for some time under the strengthened control in neonatal department, but the healthy child will very quickly catch up with the age-mates.

Control of Movements

The growing kid, by 34th week of pregnancy, becomes more increasing. Its physical activity in mother becomes less, and force of pushes is more. Sometimes the little man starts bringing mummy certain discomfort, for example, resting leg against edges that, naturally, prevents mother to move. Stirs often remain unnoticed as on intensity they are weak.

During this period it is required to fix number of stirs of the kid – within 12 their hours has to occur not less than 10. At this time it is possible to notice future mother observing for changes of positions of the kid. By means of stirs the kid lets mother know about the mood, state, health, pleasure or discontent.

Having been frightened of loud sound or bright light, the child can sharply push mother. Naturally such situations should be avoided. After all they can lead the child to change of situation and turning. Thereby there can be impossible process of natural childbirth.


Quite often brittle and tiny women, looking at tummy, start doubting and be afraid, whether they will be able independently to give rise, without use of Cesarean section. The doctor with good experience has to approach adequately situation and estimate possibility of carrying out natural childbirth by the sizes of basin of the woman.

Unreliable visually narrow basin contradicts processes of natural childbirth, sometimes and it is capable to pass the child without complications. And here if on result of ultrasonography the fetus is expected large, even the woman with wide hips is exposed to indicator of Cesarean section.


The increase in uterus and growth of stomach can bring to unpleasant and to pain. These "frequent guests" generally visit future mother in waist, back and stomach. Big duration of gestation promotes the increased development of hormones which promote softening of some sheaves.

Also, joints in order that the kid could pass without obstacles and complications on parturient canal are softened. But also you should not be so sure that the organism, thus, gets ready for childbirth. The reasons can be different.

The nagging pain in the bottom of stomach and pelvic pain in waist can be indicator of premature births. If the aching pain has constant character, it is necessary to address to the doctor for consultation. Happens also such that the woman feels reductions of uterus, these are so-called training pains.

They are characterized by painful feelings and irregularity in time. If pains have regular character, besides being followed by bursting of waters, at once, without reflecting, it is necessary to call the ambulance for the placement to department of maternity hospital.

Pressure and Groin Pain

As a result of the center-of-gravity shift and growing belly, the legs and back are overloaded. By the 34th week of pregnancy, you may feel pain in the sacrum and groin. Thus, the body prepares you for the delivery, pelvic bones slowly diverge and smooth. The baby located already head down may also cause discomfort to the mom-to-be by pushing her ribs.

You should be careful about painful sensations. Don’t worry about false contractions – they are not intense or frequent and pass quickly. If the contractions are frequent – call an ambulance, the delivery is likely to start soon.

Weight Gain

Time of pregnancy can be followed by different troubles. One of them is emergence of hypostases. To avoid such problem, it is enough to follow simple rules: it is rational to eat and control weight set. The normal increase of weight for the 34th week of pregnancy is 11-12 kilograms.

And already further the set of weight will start being slowed down. Exceeding of weight from norm can be controlled in such a way, as food correcting special diet. Surely in that case restriction of carbohydrates and fats.

Belly at 34 Weeks

By this time the tummy becomes already rather big, it becomes already impossible to hide it under clothes. Also the shape of stomach changes. It can be either wide when weight is distributed on each side or pointed when the tummy is given forward. The woman starts moving with bigger smoothness and care. Especially this it is noticeable at change of position of body. This time is ideal to start prevention of extensions. It is necessary to apply regularly on stomach special means for pregnant women.

The child starts everything approaching patrimonial ways closer. At future mother it is noticed when at her the stomach starts falling. Very much early it occurs at primapara women. Often to future mothers it brings discomfort. The doctor watching pregnancy, most likely, in this case will advise to carry the supporting bandage for fixation of stomach. It can also serve as prevention from extensions. Such indicator can be applied not to all women. In norm lowering of stomach happens in two-three weeks prior to childbirth. Sometimes, though it is rare, happens such that process of lowering can be observed in the first half of patrimonial activity or during pains.

34 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

34 Weeks Pregnant 3

34 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 34 weeks 5 days pregnant.


Very important point on this duration of gestation is control of the excreta. The norm is the excreta of light-milk color which do not have caustic smell and in moderate quantity. It is not necessary to press in panic if the excreta take mucous form. This slime which is allocated from vagina can be material which throughout all pregnancy covered uterus.

Modifications of color of the excreta towards yellow and gray shades and mushy consistence – probability of developing of infection. Here it is necessary to consult off-schedule with the doctor that that appointed treatment. Disposal of infection is an indispensable condition as the kid at the time of delivery can catch from mother.

Approximately by 34th week of pregnancy, the doctor is obliged to conduct vulval examination. Also on this term often there is problem of a bloody excreta in small amount. Not plentiful white discharge testify to disclosure of the uterus. Plentiful bloody excreta demand the immediate appeal to ambulance as it can be the cause of peeling of placenta and develop hypoxia at the fetus.

Plentiful watery excreta on the 34th week of pregnancy, as a rule, is a factor of premature break of amniotic waters. If the excreta streams, fetal membranes are perhaps exhausted. Then immediately it is required to consult with the doctor.

Nausea and Diarrhea at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Feeling sick, nausea and diarrhea at 34 weeks pregnant indicate either a viral infection or an unbalanced diet, or a change of hormonal background.

Possible Causes

During pregnancy, even minor factors may affect the woman’s state.

Stomach irritation may be caused by:

  • eating foods that are poorly digested;
  • stress, nervous tension, fear of contractions;
  • viruses and microorganisms in foods;
  • chronic digestive diseases;
  • helminthic invasion;
  • harbingers of birth.

To What Should I Pay Attention?

When detecting symptoms of diarrhea being 34 weeks pregnant, you should pay attention to such symptoms as fever, chills, malaise, flatulence, headache, nausea, vomiting, dehydration. If you have these signs, be sure to contact your doctor. A specialist should assign you with a treatment. If you find blood in feces or black feces, suffer from severe dizziness, be sure to go to the hospital. Dehydration is very dangerous, as it affects the amount of amniotic fluid.

What You Need to Do

Don’t ignore the fact of having liquid stool. It’s only few weeks left before the delivery. Control the symptoms.

Call an ambulance if:

  • you see objects double, feel dizziness and weakness;
  • the mouth is dry, you are thirsty all the time;
  • the temperature over 38 °C (100 °F);
  • dark urine;
  • liquid or dark, foam-like stool.

If the doctor has not found the reasons for hospitalization, it is recommended to drink more liquids to avoid dehydration. Diet is also an important way to normalize the gastrointestinal tract’s functioning. Avoid dairy products, bread, fruit, juice, fatty, fried, smoked, and salty foods.

If a woman suffers from diarrhea, has clear, mucus discharge, amniotic fluid starts leaking and there are painful sensations in the lower abdomen – it might be the beginning of labor. Tell your gynecologist and go to the hospital.

Pregnancy at 34 Weeks and Sex

Even if all pregnancy mummy conducted active sexual life, from 34th week of pregnancy the heat should be calmed down. At this time risk to bring infection increases, and also there is opportunity to frighten the kid that can lead to the fetus turning. Undoubtedly, even on this term, sex brings pleasure.

A few years ago doctors advised the last weeks pregnancies to abstain from the sexual relations. But today it is proved that sex is softened neck of uterus, but childbirth and sex of interrelation have no. Specialists recommend to practice the unprotected sex if you are sure that the partner is clean.

34 Weeks Pregnant: What is Happening Inside Your Womb?

Sleep Disorder

Quite often women to the end of the period of pregnancy start having sleeplessness. Though there are such problems and on early terms too.

There are many ways to overcome sleeplessness:

  • to change pose during dream;
  • to change a pillow. Too high pillow can cause difficulties with breath;
  • not to eat food before going to bed. The metabolism in organism will also not allow to fall asleep and to the kid, mother.

Despite all adversities, mode of life on the 34th week can remain active still. It is very good if future mother visits the pool. Occupations on the fitball will unload back and will soften different groups of muscles. But it is best of all for organism – active recreation. Foot walks in the fresh air are useful to good health and mood, it will well affect the kid.

Travel at 34 Weeks Pregnant

If you are 34 weeks pregnant, don’t plan lengthy trips, as there is always a risk of preterm birth. Schedule your holiday beforehand if you want to go sightseeing or on an excursion. Don’t overload your holidays, be sure to have enough time for rest and doing nothing. It’s particularly important not to overload first days after you arrive at your tourist destination – you will need time to adopt. It’s not recommended to venture for excursions involving many hours in a bus or lengthy walks.

Dangers Symptoms

Small excreta are usually safe, but it is worth reporting about them to the doctor. The organism gets ready for childbirth, and the uterus starts revealing. The most dangerous excreta are plentiful bloody kind. If you notice bloody excreta surely call the ambulance! Pieces of slime are too not a bad sign. Most likely, that's just stopper departs, and childbirth comes nearer.

Recommendations for Women

At this time doctors carry out the comparative test. It is necessary for assessment of breath, the movement and heartbeat of the child. Also the condition of uterus and amniotic waters is estimated. 2 points it is very good, 1 – it is quite good, 0 – problems.

Video Guide: 34 weeks pregnancy

Pregnancy by Twins at 34 Weeks

34 weeks of pregnancy means fast meeting with kids, all affairs are almost redone, necessary things in maternity hospital are for certain collected, and the clothes of kids are ironed and lie in case.

The fatigue disturbs future mother constantly, and it is clear, to carry for nine months a big belly. Pains disturb everywhere – in the back, feet, joints. Kids actively move in the stomach, thereby constantly pressing on internals.

Their weight can already make about 2 kilograms and they are very close in stomach. When twins start hiccupping, it is possible to feel as your stomach shudders and it delivers tickling, but such a cute feeling.

There were cases when children were born on this term, everything passed well and in such cases kids do not need even incubator. They have already gained enough strength of organism to develop in the natural way and parents can take them home soon.


  • Edenia says:

    I am now approximately on the 34th week, at me am very much kicked by the child. My doctor says that it is normal and it has to be this way, but I have constant discomfort. That is it not such pleasant pushes as it was earlier, I really shudder. The doctor says that the child very active and eumorphic but I don’t know. It seems to me if something brings discomfort, it can be absolutely normal.

  • Nikki says:

    It’s my second pregnancy. I hope it’s true that the process of labor in case of the second pregnancy is easier and goes faster.

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    Why am i so tired at 34 weeks pregnant?

  • kg says:

    im 34 weeks pregnant and my baby kicks all the time especially after i ate is it normal or does that mean my baby is unhealthy im little scared

  • Amit says:

    I am now approximately on the 34th week, at me am very much kicked by the child. My doctor says that it is normal and it has to be this way, but I have constant discomfort. That is it not such pleasant pushes as it was earlier, I really shudder. The doctor says that the child very active and eumorphic but I don’t know. It seems to me if something brings discomfort, it can be absolutely normal.

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