Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early Signs Of Pregnancy


How to Confirm Pregnancy Even Before the Period is Missed

At a certain stage in her life, every woman starts thinking about having children. And, starting to plan her pregnancy, begins to ask questions. How to know for sure whether or not she is pregnant, before the period is delayed or in the first days right after the period?

Desire to have a child is always associated with feelings and emotional stress. However serious a woman may prepare herself for this stage of her life, disturbing thoughts still constantly pop into her head. Will the waiting period be easy, or the future mother's life will become more complicated since the very beginning of pregnancy? The first signs at the early stages, regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned or was it a God’s will, are always the same for all women. Sometimes, a woman may feel these “symptoms” even in a couple of hours after the conception, and in other cases they may appear much later.

What Are the First Symptoms and Signs of Conception?

The first symptom is a feeling similar to mild abdominal distention that appears around the womb. As though something is pulling in this area. When measuring the basal temperature, the woman will note its increased value. By the way, it is crucial to take the temperature properly. Best right after waking up, before getting out of bed (after lying down at least for six hours). First you may think this is just a cold, as you feel a little unwell, even with a slight fever. Also not abundant brownish vaginal discharge may appear.

Increased Basal Temperature

Basal temperature should be measured to properly control the menstrual cycle. This is especially important for a woman who wants to get pregnant. Due to the increased level of progesterone during ovulation, the basal body temperature rises. If the indicators remained high, you are surely pregnant. However, if this has not happened, the temperature drops and the period will start on schedule.

The Absence of Menstruation

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is delayed menstruation. Although, it does not always mean conception. There may be other causes and processes in the body that lead to this. These include high stress level, sexually transmitted diseases, operations. Sometimes women may have period during pregnancy. There are documented cases when women have period during the whole pregnancy period.

Morning Sickness

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One of the many symptoms of pregnancy is feeling nauseous in the mornings. But nausea may also appear at any other time of the day. The cause of this is lowered level of blood sugar. In this regard, careful attention should be paid to the regular and wholesome meals of the future mom. Usually, nausea accompanies the woman throughout the first trimester. Sometimes such unpleasant condition is present throughout the nine months.

Breast Changes During the First Week

  • the nipple sensitivity is increased and they darken;
  • chest starts hurting and may become lumpy;
  • the chest veins become more apparent;
  • the areolae increase in size and darken;
  • the little areola knobs become larger and increase in number.

Natural Vaginal Discharge Increases

The level of progesterone in the blood increases, the cervical mucus discharge in your body increases as well. Every woman has it differently: some women may not even notice this symptom, while others have to constantly change their panties.


Usually, the first pregnancy is accompanied by accelerated metabolism. Thus, the body restores its own balance and supports the growing fetus. While a woman is carrying the baby, she feels a constant fatigue, drowsiness and wants to rest more. In addition, progesterone has a calming effect, which leads to extreme fatigue throughout the day. This is a signal that the body needs some rest and calm.

Frequent Urination

Literally a week after conception, the woman may notice more frequent urge to pee. This is due to increased HCG - the pregnancy hormone, which increases blood flow in the pelvis. It is elaborated by the embryo in order to support its growth. As a result, the urinary bladder constantly signals of the need to be emptied. This occurs even if the amount of urine is small. This symptom is especially acute during the nights.

Lower Abdominal Cramps

The growing fetus begins to pressure on the walls of the uterus. This leads to cramps. It usually frightens women. If such contractions are accompanied by bleeding, there is a risk of miscarriage. A woman must call the emergency. However, the bleeding may be a sign of pregnancy as well.


By the time a woman should have her period, the fertilized egg is already implanted in the placenta. This occurs approximately on the eighth - tenth day. During this period, spotting may occur in small quantities.

Changing Taste

Due to the growth of hormones in woman's body, the saliva may add a metal taste in the mouth. It distorts the food taste.

Emotional Swings on the First Week

The first weeks of pregnancy are already accompanied by constant mood changes. A woman can suddenly feel an overwhelming joy which instantly gives way to sadness. She may become excessively aggressive and irritable. Such mental changeability may harm her relationships with other people.

The Symptoms of Pregnancy May Experience Before the Delayed Period

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When the age of the fetus is already a little more than a week, during the first month, the following changes your body may occur:

  • increased sebaceous glands function and, as a consequence, face break outs;
  • lower abdominal pulling pain, similar to the menstrual pain;
  • drowsiness, low efficiency, weakness.

Changes in your breast: breast swells, its sensitivity sharply increases, there may be soreness. Oh, and, of course, well-known pregnancy symptom - the morning (and not only) nausea, probably even vomiting. It is called toxicosis which is the scariest thing about pregnancy. Of course, you will not necessarily experience all the described symptoms before the delayed period. But the woman needs to know that, while waiting for the child, her body is undergoing substantial hormonal changes. Some pregnant women may feel all kinds of changes, for others the sure signs is delayed menstruation.

There also may be cases when the period does not terminate for a few months, although the child had already settled in his the womb of his mother. But this happens very rarely. The most sensible way to find out the truth is a special blood test. It detects the pregnancy hormone or, in the scientific language, the human chorionic gonadotropin. It is very shortened to HCG. A certain HCG level in woman's blood detects pregnancy. Regardless of the result, you should also consult a gynecologist. 

MARY says:

At the very beginning of pregnancy I was very sleepy, weak and dizzy in the morning. I thought I had caught a cold.

Meme says:

I feel weak ,tired, loss of appetite , slight headaches

maria says:

I have been having headaches no nausea, urinating frequently, loss of appetite,n I am due for my period today but still expecting it....

jazmin says:

i am 30 years old lady now am 3 week pregnant unfortunate i used augmentin 625 for my chest infection kindly give to me a reply about this issue

Samantha says:

I feel so tired all the time, after having my daughter 11 years ago.

Mariam says:

Am just ok but i have missed my periods, it is now 2 months,i went for pregnant test and i was negative what might be the problem

Destiny says:

Frequent urination, sleepy all the time, period is 3 days late????..

Sapna gupta says:

I am 34 years old women I am six months pregnant .. Sometimes I feel palpitations... Shortbreath , and. Anxiety ....Can u please tell me is it no normal​ in pregnancy.mu heart beat is above 100 bpm.

Lisa says:

I'm experiencing stomach cramps almost daily, my vaginal discharge has increased and I'm always tired

cheska says:

I was about 3 months pregnant . I was 1 month delayed in my menstruation then i take pregnancy test and it's positive but in 2nd month until now i got bleeding and im worried about it . Pls give me a reply and what im gonna do

Venessa says:

I was so tired felling dizzy,exhausted,vomiting all the time eat 6 twice a day.now i got green discharges

chi says:

I have been feeling feverish,headache,weak,stomach cramps and discomfort even though a recent preg test says i'm pregnant.No typhoid no malaria,what could be my problem?

Fathima says:

I'm 24 ..am awaiting for positive results now I three days delay for my periods and I slightly had some symptoms like urge to pee lower abdominal cramps darken nipples and creamy vaginal discharge slight leg pain but urine colour does not change so guys tell me when to take pregnancy test

somzygud says:

doctors may say,but God iz de answer to all

Abdullahi Khadijah says:

I have missed my period D's month.I went to d hospital today.after having blood and urine ptest,doctor confirm I have pregnant.thank Allah.

Cierra says:

I'm 21 I think I may be pregnant I'm 2wks an 6 days pass my period but not having periods is regular for me but lately I've been getting them on time.......Until now I'm honestly clueless

Cecilia says:

Is it possible to get pregnant after intercourse on the first day after menses? It's a 3 days cycle.. intercourse on 4th day with droplets still coming out

Sugarlumps says:

My bbt is 37.4 consistently for 4 days. Negative pregnancy test ... Can I be pregnant

UT says:

Am supposed to see my period on 27th of this month,i had sex with my fiance & took postinor but am having hotness in my Tommy & my breast is swollen,i have done urine text but it shows negative could this be pregnant or postinor reaction?

onyi says:

am having lower abodominal cramps past one month now also been tiredness and ten days late period

Xiao says:

It is hard for me to breathe and burp thats why i got abdominal pain. I am two weeks delayed. I am so curious if i am pregnant?

Patience says:

Iam 20years, I have been feeling slight headache like in the morning or even during the day and before I sleep Atimes, then my body temperature has slightly increased, my heartbeat is faster than usual making me feel Atimes am tired, Atimes I feel my abdomen pulling like crumps, and Atimes when I press below and slightly above my belly it hurts,then I feel need to urinate, my breast have started showing pain when I touch though I don't see any increase sign of them all this has been happening for the past13days even now, could I be pregnant.

Tessy Victor says:

Pls I'm 5weeks pregnant but also experience brownish spotting,,what could be the cause?pls help me I'm scared

blessing says:

I am I week pregnant but suddenly I went to d rest room I saw myself bleeding.pls what will I do?

joy ilabare says:


Name restricted???? says:

I am a little girl of about 16 I had sex with a guy and now am beginning to have symptoms of pregnancy Ionno wah to do????????

Linda says:

My periods ended on 21st may and I had sex with my bf on 31st may . We used a condom bt he ecajulated in the condom in my vagina .I'm likely to get pregnant ?

mariana says:

i have been feeling weak vomites every morning was confirmed pregnant but after then i experience bleeding and it was not my period


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