Colds During Pregnancy

Colds During Pregnancy


Colds in Pregnancy

If irrespective of all your efforts you’ve suddenly caught a cold during pregnancy, you shouldn’t panic. You need to urgently take necessary measures. From the very beginning, you need to remember one simple thing – pregnant women are forbidden to get through an ARVI without sticking to a bed rest. That’s why you need to take a sick-leave and go home to your nice and warm bed.

In order to cure a cold during the course of pregnancy a future mother will have to use only means of folk medicine. There is a need to avoid taking as much drugs as possible.


If you suffer from cough, you need to start drinking herbal tea that has a hawk and spit effect. You need to be careful since there are different kinds of cough and not all herbs can be useful during the period of pregnancy. That’s why you necessarily need to discuss it with your doctor.

The following drugs are allowed to take:

  • In case of loose cough: Herbion, Doctor Mom, Mucaltinum.
  • In case of dry cough: Stodal (1st trimester, only upon the recommendation of your doctor), Koldrex (2nd – 3rd trimester), Stoptussin (stick to the rules of the allowed dosage).


The danger of snuffle is that a mother may lack oxygen. As a result, your baby may be harmed. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to urgently start using vasoconstrictor drops. You may use salt drops (Aquamaris, Humer, salin, Dolfin etc.). This is the easiest and the safest way to get rid of stuffiness in nose.

If your temperature is high, you need to drink a lot of liquids. If the temperature is higher than 38 °C and decoction made of common coifs-foot and raspberry tea do not help, you’ll need to use antipyretics. For example, you may use paracetamol but only if your doctor allows you to do so.

You Throat Aches? We’ll Treat the Aches By Rinsing Throat

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If there is ache in your throat, you need to regularly rinse it. Soda and herbs will be rather helpful here. Only the doctor that controls your pregnancy is allowed to prescribe to you and drugs you take. If you try diagnosing a disease on your own, you may be mistaken. What if you have a strep throat or maxillary sinusitis or something even more dangerous like pneumonia?

If you do not start treating these diseases by using antibiotics right away, the consequences may really be serious. That’s why if you’ve found out that you’re ill, you need to request a house call. All the drugs that you take should necessarily be approved of by your doctor. The main thing is to evaluate the risks and not to harm a baby by preventing the occurrence of complications.

When you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t experiment. You need to listen to your doctor and follow his or her advices. Your aim is to recover from the disease without any consequences and complications. Only a professional knows all the peculiarities of curing a disease during the course of pregnancy.

Preventive Measures Against Cold

You need to take preventive measures against cold long before a case of cold occurs. Try to improve your health as much as possible before pregnancy happens. It’s easier to prevent the disease than fight against it. You need to take preventive measures all through the course of pregnancy. What should you do in order not to catch a cold?

  • If you’re only planning to get pregnant and suddenly you’ve caught a cold, you need to reschedule the time of getting pregnant at least for one month until your organism fully recovers.

Dress up according to what the weather is like. Do not undercool or overheat.

  • Avoid contacting too many people or visiting crowded places;

If your family member is ill, he or she should wear a gauze face veil. As for you, you shouldn’t do the following:

  • Use the same crockery that the ill person uses;
  • Eat in a healthy way. Eat garlic and onion – there are lots of vitamins in them;
  • Condition yourself to the cold as much as you’re able to. Walking, breathing in fresh air and hot and cold baths for hands and feet all these are quite useful for a pregnant woman.

Now you know how dangerous a cold during the course of pregnancy can be and how you can fight against it. It may also harm your baby. That’s why you should try not to catch it.

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  • Carol says:

    I have had a very serious case of cold and my doctor said that I now have to terminate the pregnancy( I really wanted to give birth to this baby

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