Dreams About Pregnancy

Dreams About Pregnancy


What Dreams Pregnant Women Have During and Before Pregnancy Period

It has been said by many speakers that at some point a new life arises inside woman body, thinning the barrier between the worlds. a large number of various peculiarities and opportunities is attributed to pregnant women, including their capability to have prophetic dreams.

But dreams which anticipating pregnancy, could be also prophetic. It is rather difficult to find here a logical explanation of some kind, although astrologers consider that it's no difference in the astral plan between a woman, who prepares herself for motherhood physically and that one who is going to become a mother morally.

The most hot debates always been conducted about the value of dreams as the windows which were part opened in the future, allowing to estimate the destiny. Thus, certain sceptical persons interpret such night pictures just only as peculiar games of our subconscious which have had an opportunity to develope graphic pictures in a dream.

However none would have disputed that a pregnant woman often realizes her delicate condition long before a delay of her menstrual cycle, even without using any tests. It proves once again that pregnancy is caught by female subconscious very sensitively and therefore any signs associated with pregnancy may be trusted as they are very often corroborated.

To trust in prophetic dreams or not is your own business however this knowledge is a good experience to get, even if out of radical scepsis.

What You Dream When if Pregnancy in a Dream Comes to Pass

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The traditional answer to this question of the largest number of dream-books is a vision of a fish and everything belonging to it. Live fish, fresh fish, fishing process, but it's getting close and foretells pregnancy coming presently (or already present at a stage of a zygote dividing and its implantation in a mucous membrane of uterus).

Subconscious of a woman during pregnancy very often directs her dream to representation of bathing procedures (especially of relaxation bathing in quiet water basin). The river pearls can symbolize pregnancy coming too, but the little animals running around and asking for lifting them up in arms are even more obvious sign which can't be ignored.

To dream about being pregnant yourself is for pregnancy coming, but only if you are absolutely certain that you may trust your love partner. If there is no young man at all, but you have rounded tummy in your dreams, it is very bad sign which bears no relation to real pregnancy.

Prophetical Visions

The child who wasn't born yet can very favorably influence depth of your subconscious and its mutual understanding with conscious thoughts. Because of pregnancy you can not only have brighter and plainer dreams, but you can also remember them, analyzing the events.

Pregnant women very often have truly prophetic dreams. The prophetic dream is when the main idea of a dream is occurs in reality. Usually such dreams are naturally related to close relatives or the woman herself and her child. If in a dream the healthy and smiling child has come, that means that a child will be born really healthy without any special complications.

An opportunity to predict pregnancy of your girlfriend is rather disputed issue, though dream-books could claim, that after such dreams it may be possible to congratulate the girlfriend on addition to her family soon. Depending on ratio of relationship between you and your girlfriend, the possibility of really prophetic dream with sacral sense may raise. The more your mutual trust, the more likely it is that your forecast of the girlfriend’s future will come true.

There are also other interpretations of the most various dreams, say starting with preparation of porridge with milk and ending with travel on the yacht. However they are extremely contradictory and change from one dream-book to another. You shouldn't trust your subconscious fully, especially in so disputed issues and at the dreaming nightmares. There are some more authoritative opinions that the dreams initially influence subconscious, but not on the contrary. And subconscious, in turn, represents for the brain some simulated pictures which pretend to be taken for reality. The more you believe in a good dream you have had, the more chances for it to come true. If to believe in a bad one, then the effect will be not so joyful, as you wish.

Therefore always try to trust your good dreams and push back your fears after occasional nightmares. Events which occur to you in this world aren't your fate that you accept without being conscious. You just concentrate your attention on some feelings or actions, but dreams only help your subconscious to adapt to your thought processes.

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