Coca Cola During Pregnancy

Coca Cola During Pregnancy


Coca Cola in Pregnancy

During childbearing a woman cannot eat a lot of delicious things that over the next nine months will not be eaten, and some are prohibited even during lactation. For lovers of the famous drink Coca-Cola, this test can become very heavy, because you are tempted to buy and drink it, but can the pregnant women drink Cola? British scientists conducted a study on this topic. It involved about 30 thousand women of different ages and bodily constitutions. Some of them drank this drink, the others completely refused from it.

For ten years their lives after childbirth had been studied. At the end, it was found that those participants who during pregnancy drank five cans a day later got diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Thus, when you abuse such a drink, the odds of developing the disease increase by 22 %. Special attention of the researchers was attracted by the fact that the children of women addicted to Coca-Cola, still in early childhood started noticing problems with the pancreas. And reaching 10 years, some got pancreatitis, which is one of the signs of diabetes. This indicator says that non-compliance with the recommendations may increase the probability of diabetes at a child.

The Harm of Coke During Pregnancy

Coca Cola In Pregnancy

Despite the fact that people have been drinking Coca-Cola for several centuries, its harm is widely known. For every woman it is very important to know the harm of Coke during pregnancy because it can affect the baby's health.

Scientists say that the chemical ingredients of the product make the biggest harm. Even the fact that they are harmless to humans, does not save the situation because very often people misuse the product exceeding the permitted limit. The content of these preservatives can cause clogging of blood vessels or the development of some ailments.

The second consequence is the development of pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus. This is due to the high content of sugar and in some cases of artificial sweeteners. During childbearing this detrimental impact becomes one of the main, as a baby too is gradually saturated with sugar, which, as the studies show, will lead to early development of such terrible diseases.

As the experts have established, the last adverse property becomes a plastic container for the beverage. Such packaging can absorb all harmful external elements, such as paint from the table or toxins from surrounding objects. Thus, the bottle becomes a collector for all chemicals around it.

What Drinks Should Better be Given Preference, if You are Pregnant

Based on all the above information, it can be positively said that even if you are incredibly eager to drink Coke during pregnancy-it is better not to do so, in order not to risk your health and the health of your baby. It is interesting that even non-carbonated mineral water is a threat to a body of a pregnant woman, namely her kidneys.

So, you may ask-"what can you drink at all during pregnancy?" Among the permitted drinks for those women who are gestating a baby, is spring water, herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices. As you can see, in this short list there is no soda, therefore, they have to be completely abandoned.

In the end I would like to draw the attention of the pregnant women that even if you badly want and you did drink a glass of Coca-Cola, stay at it, no need to empty the whole bottle in one go, think about your baby and how he will be thankful to you if he grows a healthy and robust child.

What Drinks Are Safe When Pregnant?

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