Blood In The Urine During Pregnancy

Blood In The Urine During Pregnancy


Blood in the Urine in Pregnancy

A pregnant woman undergo a lot of different tests during nine months. The results of even an average blood and urine tests are very important and may sometimes save the life of the woman and the fetus. Urinalysis may show the presence of infections or other problems in the body. Sometimes a woman may see the change in smell or color of her urine, but it is wrong to draw conclusions before before the test, for example, dark urine color is not always a pathology.

This can happen due to the consumed foods that can stain the urine, so you always need to rely on the results of the analysis, rather than on your own fears. The traces of blood in the urine are usually detected when there are problems with the urinary system, but only a doctor can confirm this after the test.

The Causes

The possible causes of blood in the urine:

  • the pressure of the uterus on the bladder can sometimes cause blood in the urine due to some minor hemorrhages;
  • hormonal changes;
  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • urolithiasis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pelvic infections;
  • diabetes;
  • venereal disease;
  • lupus;
  • injuries.


Additional symptoms that may be accompanied by blood in the urine:

  • pain in the abdomen or lower back;
  • pain when urinating;
  • pain after urination;
  • fever;
  • weight loss;
  • decreased appetite.

Blood in the urine may not be accompanied by additional symptoms, but if they exist, be sure to tell your doctor about your symptoms.

How to Diagnose Blood in the Urine

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The presence of blood in the urine is detected through a laboratory study. It is very important to detect when blood appears in the urine – in the beginning of the urination, in the middle, or at the end of it. If blood appears in the beginning of urination, this is often a sign of pathological changes in the urethra. If blood appears at the end of the urination, it is often a sign of bleeding at the neck of the bladder. Blood throughout the urination process is indicative of the genitourinary system disease. The amount of blood is also important, and it often affects the urine color. If the color of the urine is almost unchanged, while the test result shows the presence of blood, then the amount of blood is small. The blood in the urine is a consequence of a disease, so the diagnosis aims to identify the cause.

Only a professional diagnostics is able to detect the causes of blood in the urine. Depending on the problems found in the body the treatment is prescribed. When the causes are associated with the physiological condition of a women (uterine pressure or hormonal changes) the treatment is not prescribed. This cause of blood in the urine during pregnancy is called idiopathic hematuria. After the labour, the blood normally disappears from the urine which confirms the diagnosis.

The Treatment

The treatment depends on the results of a full diagnosis. On the other hand, if the kidneys pathology or other disease is identified, a hospitalization with subsequent treatment is possible. A chronic diseases is usually treated corrective therapy and preventive measures. The physiological causes of blood in the urine are not treated, the doctor often recommends a diet.

Most pregnant women, after finding out about blood in their urine, become very upset. Consultation and diagnosis of a doctor will help to dispel all fears or decide on the necessary treatment.


  • emma javier says:

    on my 6th months pregnancy my urine was reddish and if im going to pee could not pain,

  • PRECIOUS says:

    thank you

  • marie says:

    hi im 5 weeka pregnant and have a little blood in the urine. what does it mean?

  • Damilola says:

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  • Echo says:

    Im 30 weeks and peeing blood. It doesnt hurt and my culture for a uti isnt growing…

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    am 37weeks plus pregnant I noticed just a little blood cloth in my urine and am scared what should I do

  • lynn says:

    Hi I am 11 weeks and I notice reddish blood colour when I am pee, but there is no pain,what really happened assist plz

  • Maira says:

    I am also suffering same problem and waiting for urine culture test report …

  • Cynthia says:

    Hi i am 16 weeks pregnant and i notice reddish blood color when I finish to pee and also pain,,,,what could be the problem please help me

  • Yumna rana says:

    Hello .. i did unprotected sex with my bf … after 2 days i felt light bleeding in my urine .. i m also feeling such kind of sickness … pain in abdomen and also in back pain .. i have a sharp cramping in my thighs and hip bones plz tell me about that

  • Mrs Oluwatosin says:

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