Bee And Wasp Sting

Bee And Wasp Sting


Bee and Wasp Stings

All kids love sweets, but often in a package with ripe apples or plums a hidden danger is lurking in the form of wasps or bees. Most of these insects bites is caused by children totally at random-for example, choosing from the package a ripe plum you can be accidentally clamp a wasp or bee that stings immediately in response

Are Bee Stings Dangerous if My Baby's Not Allergic?

A wasp or bee sting usually causes only a local reaction at a healthy baby, the main symptoms of which are:

  • redness;
  • swelling on the spot of the bite;
  • painful sensations;
  • a strong burning sensation;
  • itching on the spot of the bite and around it.

The reason for such a reaction of the organism is a special poison produced by insects of Hymenoptera order during the bite. By itself, this poison is safe for a child not suffering from allergies, however, such cases are also possible.

A particular danger to the child a wasp or bee sting causes when venom is entered in the oral cavity, nasal mucosa, head, as well as when the bite is hitting the place of a blood vessel. In addition, allergic reaction to wasp and bee stings often happens to children after the first such case. In repeated ingestion of poison in the blood an allergic reaction may occur in more complex implications: dizziness, fever, faintness, vomiting and even swelling of the larynx, which is very dangerous.

What Should I Do if a Bee or Wasp Stings My Baby?

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If the child is stung by a wasp quickly apply the ice or a towel, soaked in cold water to the spot of the bite. This will reduce the pain. Never use for cooling the earth, clay or wet sand, even if you are on the street-it can lead to infection of the wound, with all the attendant consequences. A damp cloth can be applied.

After the bite of the bee you should carefully inspect the wound and gently pull out the sting, which an insect always leaves in the human body. You should be very careful doing this, not to squeeze out the content of the sting into the blood. Closely monitor the child after being bitten, so as not to miss a possible manifestation of allergic reactions.

When to Go to the Hospital

You shouldn't tempt the fate, if you were bitten not by one bee or wasp, but by several. It is believed that if the number bites is more than three, you may start the total toxic reaction. Keep in mind if you are bitten by a wasp or a bee in the lip, tongue or larynx-immediately turn for medical help. In this case, the edema, which appeared after the sting of a wasp or a bee, permeating the entire larynx, can lead to suffocation.

So, there is an urgent and immediate need to go to the hospital if:

  • a wasp or a bee has bitten in the face;
  • a wasp or a bee has bitten in the lip, tongue or larynx;
  • you have been bitten by more than three wasps or bees.

What to Do if Your Child is Allergic to a Wasp or Bee Sting?

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The most common allergic reaction to stings of bees and wasps-appearance of blisters on babes' bodies. Sometimes swelling may develop very quickly, temperature increases, nausea appears, dizziness, headache, tachycardia, possible discharges from the nose and sneezing, as well as choking.

If you know that the baby is allergic to a bee or wasp sting, always keep at yourself antiallergic drugs, such as claritin, èrius, loratadine etc. Consult your doctor in advance about the possibility of the use of these drugs, maybe the doctor will advise injections. In this case, you will have to learn how to make injections, because time in such a situation is of great importance.

What's the Best Way to Avoid Insect Stings?

  1. Insects are very attracted to garments of bright colors. If you go for a walk on a blooming meadow, wear white, beige or gray clothing. Then you won't be very attractive to bees.
  2. Perfumes and creams with floral, fruity sweet fragrances is the best bait for bees and wasps. Set your favorite perfume aside and take advantage of special flavors that keep insects away.
  3. If you got into the encirclement of bees, you should in no way wave hands. The bees will find your behavior aggressive.
  4. If the kid has eaten fruit, candy or has drunk juice and I got dirty, you should immediately wipe away remnants of the meal from the face and hands of the child or wash them. Since all these goodies will attract bees and wasps.

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Charles Kemp says:

It might be nice to be prepared for anything if your child gets stung by an insect. You never know if they are going to be allergic or not and that can be scary. I think it is helpful to know how to treat the little symptoms as well because it is going to bother people. It might also be hard for them to deal with the pain of the sting so find something to deal with that as well.


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