How Many Days Does it Take to Conceive a Baby

How Many Days Does it Take to Conceive a Baby


How Many Days Does it Take to Conceive a Baby

Nobody can say exactly how long does it take to conceive. However, we can tell you how much time it takes on average and how you can speed up this process. Most couples manage to conceive a baby during first three months. It may take you longer if you are over 30yo and have bad habits such as smoking or alcohol drinking or there are other reasons affecting fertility.

In general, it takes couples attempting to conceive the following amount of time:

  • 30 % of women manage to get pregnant in the first cycle (about one month);
  • 59 % during three cycles (approximately three months);
  • 80 % during six cycles (approximately six months);
  • 85 % over 12 cycles (approximately one year);
  • 91 % 36 cycles (approximately three years);
  • 93-95 % over 48 cycles (about four years).

If you’ve been trying to conceive a baby over one year, you’d better consult an infertility specialist. Of course, you can leave it all as it is, but if you suspect any fertility problems in yourself or your husband, you’d better seek medical advice not to loose precious time.

If you are over 35 years old, time for you is even more precious. You should seek medical help earlier: consult a specialist if you can’t get pregnant within six months, don’t wait till one year.

Do Many Couples Need Medical Assistance to Conceive?

How Many Days Does it Take to Conceive a Babys

About 90 % of couples conceive naturally. The remaining 10 % are couples diagnosed with infertility. Most likely, about 93 % of women and men, making up those infertile couples could conceive naturally, if they tried long enough. We provided data based on those couples who immediately sought medical help.

The primary diagnosis of infertility means that the couple have tried over one year, but still can’t get pregnant. Many of these couples after receiving medical help manage to get pregnant very fast. While couples who can’t conceive even after receiving medical assistance, start considering other methods of conception such as IVF (donor sperm, ICSI, etc.) or surrogacy. But if this does not help, there is still another option left - adoption.

How Does age Affect the Chances of Getting Pregnant?

The older you get, the more time you need to get pregnant. About 86 % of healthy women of childbearing age between 20 and 30 yo manage to conceive within one year of trying. This probability is reduced to 36 % in healthy, fertile women aged between 35 and 40.

On average, female fertility reaches its peak at 24-25 years, and begins to drop after 30 years. Despite the fact: the older you get – the harder it turns to conceive a baby, many women over 40 yo can bear a pregnancy normally and give birth to a healthy baby.

Can I Get Pregnant Faster?

Fortunately, yes. Here are a few steps that you can take to speed up the process. First, find out when you ovulate, because on that day (the day an egg comes out of the ovaries) you can get pregnant.

Further, the time of your sexual intercourse aimed at conception should coincide with ovulation. Studies have shown that couples who made sex during ovulation, conceived faster. The best time for having sex is directly the day of ovulation, two or three days before and one day after it.

One of the studies has proven that couples who tried to conceive during ovulation were more successful than others:

  • 38 % got pregnant after one cycle;
  • 68 % got pregnant after three cycles;
  • 81 % got pregnant after six cycles;
  • 92 % got pregnant after twelv cycles;

Meanwhile, you should know few more things, in addition to how long does it take to get pregnant. First of all, your body should be ready for pregnancy. Your overall and reproductive health are important factors, so plan conception only after a full medical examination. Replenish your body's reserves, especially those nutrients that your body will need during pregnancy. You should also take care about your shape: both overweight and underweight affect your chances of conceiving.

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