Guide To Feeding Your Baby

Age-by-Age Guide To Feeding Your Baby


Baby Feeding Schedules

Each mother wants her baby to grow healthy and clever. And one of the main sources of good health is the healthy nutrition. Of course, everyone knows that the breast milk is the best food for a newborn baby, but it is not very well known how and when a feeding up should be introduced, what is more useful food for a half-year-old child, or how it is possible to please a year-old gourmet. So then, how's it to organize baby’s feeding right?

Baby Feeding Schedule in First Month

There has to be only breast milk. No water, any children's tea, or other feedings up should be. The first few days after the delivery mother has only a small amount of colostrams which is necessary for normalization of child’s digestive tract functioning and for protection of the newborn baby from infections. During this period mother has to learn how to organize optional breastfeeding when her baby expresses demand for it.

She has to concentrate on the correct putting the baby to her breast. The more such puttings - the more milk this mother has. Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby improves breastfeeding outcomes. And the night breastfeeding is especially important during the 1st month of a baby's life.

2 Months Old Baby Feeding

Remains the same, as in the first month – just the breast milk only. If it seems to you that your child doesn't has eaten good, or that your milk either too fat, or too liquid, then carry out the test for wet diapers to allay all your fears. Mother can't experiment with the food, as the stomach of her child isn't ready to nutrition innovations in the 2nd month of life yet.

3 Months Old Baby Feeding

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Is the same as the food in the last two months. The mother's milk remains only food for the child. During this period mothers who breastfeed may have a milk crisis. But you don't try the artificial or mixed food at all. Keep putting your child to the breast more often and together you will cope with this little problem. The three-month-old baby’s feeding can be already timely regulated – you should feed your child at regular intervals.

4 Months Old Baby Feeding

It is possible to begin to supplement a feeding up, since several drops of juice if the child is on the artificial or mixed feeding. You shouldn't begin to supply a feeding up in a week to or after an inoculation if the child doesn't feel well, or he (or she) has some allergic reactions. But if the child is exclusively breastfed during 4 months, it is necessary to wait a little with introduction of a feeding up.

5 Months Old Baby Feeding

Breast milk should remain the main food. But if for some reason you have begun to supply a feeding up, do it only after consultation with a pediatrician. After gradual supplement of juice, it is possible to add pulpy juice and fruit puree to five-month-old baby’s food. Watch closely children's organism response to new products and cancel supplement of a feeding up in case of the slightest negative consequences.

6 Months Old Baby Feeding

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It is already necessary to enter a feeding up if there are no medical contraindications. The baby’s gastrointestinal tract has already enough got stronger to acquire not only mother's milk, but also firmer and denser food. Despite this, breastfeeding should remain the main food of six-month-old baby. Each new product needs to be entered gradually, in 10 days after previous introduction.

7 Months Old Baby Feeding

New products continue to appear in the baby’s menu, in particular, milk-groats porridges. At first it is necessary to offer the child unicomponent porridges. It is also possible to offer the child the boiled and crushed beef meat, kefir, cottage cheese. Breastfeeding has to remain in food of the child in the 7th month at least in two feedings.

8 Months Old Baby Feeding

Must be more and more various. At this age the child can be fed on multicomponent porridges and meat broth soups. The amount of meat may be increased gradually. By this time your child has already to have his/her own ware and a high chair for feeding. It is possible to leave only morning and evening breastfeeding in food of the child in the 8th month.

9 Months Old Baby Feeding

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There are some fishy dishes. It may be a fillet of low-fat oceanic or river fish. Carefully check the fillet for even the smallest fish bones before preparation. They are absolutely to nothing. Give your baby his/her own spoon, let him/her learn to eat without assistance, no matter that baby isn't more intelligent at this age. The mother's milk remains in nine-month-old baby’s feeding, though it isn't the main food.

10 Months Old Baby Feeding

Becomes more various at the expense of new dishes from already familiar products. It is possible to cook quenelles from meat and fish fillet, or baked pudding with fruit from cottage cheese. It is also possible to offer the child vermicelli or noodles cooked with milk instead of milk porridge. It is also possible to offer the baby children's canned food. But no usual meat or fish canned products ought to be present in child’s food in 10th month.

11 Months Old Baby Feeding

There are already vegetables, fruit, cottage cheese, kefir, grain, meat, fish fillet, milk, bread dishes. Still it is impossible to feed the child with everything that adults eat, as baby’s gastrointestinal tract is still insufficiently developed for digestion of such food. The accurate day regimen of your baby has to be already created. And the breast milk still has to be present in the food of the eleven-month-old baby.

12 Months Old Baby Feeding

In many respects differs from that baby whom you have for the first time taken on hands in maternity hospital. He (or she) knows already a quantity and can perform much. And also, the food of such child in the 12th month of life significantly differs from food of the newborn baby. But parents should not relax and feed their child on an equal basis with adults. Some usual products still can have an insidious effect on health of the child. Food of the child in the 12th month of life must be full, balanced and healthy. During this period it is possible to separate your baby from the breast if you are also ready to this responsible step together with your child.

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