Orgasm During Pregnancy

Orgasm During Pregnancy


Is Orgasm Safe During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a disease, and it should be treated as a natural state. When a woman is in the particular condition, she becomes the center of attraction of prejudices and doubts. One of the controversial issues that affects the quality of family life is – is it possible to have sex and have an orgasm during pregnancy. Fears of a pregnant woman are linked to the possibility of harming the baby by a careless movement, harsh thrust or uncomfortable position.

Can a Pregnant Woman Have an Orgasm?

  • During pregnancy, blood circulation in the pelvic area increases, because the placenta is experiencing increased demand for oxygen and nutrients. The consequence of such processes becomes blood filling and genital sensitivity. Increased libido is one of the accompanying signs of an interesting condition. The cases are frequent when the expectant mother has an orgasm in her sleep during pregnancy, experiencing strong sensations.
  • During this period, most pregnant women are moving to a different, more qualitative level in sex. Hormonal changes, tenderness and attentiveness of the spouse to the wife, the increasing volume of the uterus and sensitivity of the clitoris can open up new opportunities for sweet sensations. Sometimes during pregnancy first orgasms in the life occur, they last longer and occur more often. Some women for the first time know a clitoral orgasm during pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women sometimes feel constrained, because they think that the partner does not like a wife with a big belly. In practice, it's all on the contrary: men are in awe of the forms of their women, of their increased breasts, seductive curves and reverently treat the mother of their unborn child.
  • Experiencing a normal or a clitoral orgasm during pregnancy, a woman unconsciously trains the muscles of the uterus. An organ capable of good contraction is a guarantee of not prolonged delivery and the full opening of the cervix during labor. The fetus while the uterine walls are contracting gets a kind of massage. Studies on the status of the child in various conditions showed that after the orgasm of the mother, he experiences heart palpitations and motion activity. Experts associate all these with the influence of hormone of happiness and improvement of the condition in connection with the receipt of sufficient oxygen.

How Does Orgasm During Pregnancy Affect the Fetus?

sex and orgasm during pregnancy

Does not the baby feel discomfort when the mom gets the pleasure? This question worries future women in childbirth. The nature has arranged so that the fetus which is surrounded by amniotic fluid, in a muscular corset-uterus, and protected by subcutaneous adipose layer feels all external sharp impacts like smooth surges. There is no risk of damaging him during sex.

The orgasm during pregnancy is associated with an influx of blood to the genitals and the uterus, bringing alongside the needed oxygen and nutrients to a baby. A voluptuous feeling triggers the release of endorphin hormones, a source of joy and pleasure. Received positive emotions are beneficial not only to the future mother, but also to the fetus.

On the contrary, permanent stress caused by dissatisfaction, fear, denial of orgasm during pregnancy may have a negative impact on the health of the baby. He feels the slightest mood swings of the mom and experiences discomfort, even while in the womb.

When the Orgasm is Harmful During Pregnancy?

If a gynecologist puts a pregnant woman in a risk group, sex should be practiced sparingly or excluded altogether. When it is not worth the risk? If there are medical contraindications: the opening of the cervix, the threat of miscarriage, pregnancy loss cases in the past, spotting, placental abruption, pain in the uterus and lower abdomen. Those are the times when it is better to abstain for the sake of the successful outcome of your pregnancy. Throughout this period the consultations with obstetrician-gynecologist are a must.

The safest period for sex is the second trimester. The orgasm in early pregnancy may be impossible because of a poor state of health of a woman: headaches, nausea, breast soreness. It is during this period, when it becomes clear how the pregnancy will transpire. If the expectant mother has a placenta pathology, venereal diseases, multiple gestation, then the doctor would bring the sex life into challenge. But if you don't have contraindications, getting an orgasm in the early stages, you can experience the thrill, while you do not have a big belly and clumsiness.

Experts warn that orgasm at 37th week of pregnancy is fraught with premature birth. It's all to blame the oxytocin, a substance that is excreted in large numbers in the body of a satisfied woman, it causes the uterine walls to actively contract. In addition, the partner's semen contains prostaglandin, which softens the component structure of the cervix, and facilitates its opening. These processes in the body make it dangerous to get an orgasm on 36-37 weeks, but can serve well when the time has come, and the contractions do not occur. The orgasm on 39-41 weeks can trigger the long-awaited process of childbirth.

Why It's Good for Pregnant Women to Have Orgasms?

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