How Can I Make More Breast Milk

How Can I Make More Breast Milk


How Can I Make More Breast Milk for My Baby

Initiation of breastfeeding is an important period, for both mom and newborn. Sometimes young moms find that feeding on breast milk, babies slowly gain weight and often grizzle. It's probably indicative of bad diet of the mother, or the elementary lack of milk.

If this is the issue, a mom face problem how to increase lactation of breast milk, so that her baby has enough nutrients even without various supplements. Lactation and the diet of breastfeeding mother. First of all, a breastfeeding mother should watch her diet and lifestyle.

The menu for the day should necessarily include:

  • Meat (poultry, fish);
  • Milk or dairy products (1 liter);
  • Cottage cheese (100 g);
  • Cheese (30 g);
  • Vegetables (500 grams);
  • Fruits (300 grams);
  • Butter (20 grams);
  • Vegetable oil (25 grams).

On the other hand, a breastfeeding mother should avoid:

  • Large amount of foods rich in carbohydrates (sugar, bread, pastry);
  • Any alcoholic beverages;
  • Allergenic foods: chocolate, coffee, nuts, eggs, citrus;
  • Sharp spices (onion, garlic, pepper).

How to Increase Lactation with Folk Remedies

how can i make more breast milk

How to increase breast milk lactation through various folk remedies many expectant mothers learn from their mothers and grandmothers. There are several ways to increase lactation.

  1. To increase the water intake with various vitamin and herbal drinks. Cumin, fennel, anise, nettle and some other herbs will contribute to lactation improvement. Here are some recipes that you can easily cook. Tea with milk. It is better to drink it about half an hour before lactation. Special breastfeeding teas, containing fennel, cumin, melissa and anise give dual benefit for stimulation of lactation. (See breastfeeding teas and special lactation teas)
  2. Increase the frequency of breast feedings. You should feed you baby on demand, without night breaks. Feeding a child at night is the key to long-term and high quality lactation during the whole period of breastfeeding. It’s better to abandon strict feeding by the clock.
  3. Breast massage. When taking a shower after breastfeeding, try to massage your breast your baby use at feeding. Massage it for 5-10 minutes with running warm water. Direction: circular motion from the nipple to the periphery.

Medications to Increase Lactation

There are several ways to increase lactation with medications.

  • Multivitamins for lactating mothers. They are usually prescribed by the doctor, who guides a woman during pregnancy. Duration of the intake depends on the duration of breastfeeding.
  • Homeopathic remedies. For example, mlekoin. The drug comes in the form of granules, which need to be taken 15 minutes before eating. It can be taken throughout the whole period of breastfeeding.
  • Dietary supplements. Pills, containing various vitamins and nutrients (royal jelly, galactogogues).

However, you should not abuse industrially produced pills and vitamins. In order to increase the amount of milk, apply your baby to your breast more frequently, remove external irritants during breastfeeding, watch your stress level. And most importantly, try not to be nervous and keep a positive attitude.

How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

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