Indigestion During Pregnancy

Indigestion During Pregnancy


Indigestion and Pregnancy

Indigestion during pregnancy is dangerous, so it is very important to take measures in proper time, to prevent dehydration, as it can be negative not only for woman’s health but also for the baby’s development. Most frequent it is caused by hormonal failure which is usual for pregnant women, besides vomiting can appear. In this case you should consult your doctor in time to prevent indigestion.

Symptoms of Indigestion During Pregnancy

  1. Heavy vomiting.
  2. Heavy diarrhea.
  3. Bloating.
  4. Belly pain.
  5. Sharp stomach pain.

Types of Indigestions During Pregnancy

  1. Severe indigestion lasts for about two weeks. It is cause by infectious, bacterial and virus diseases. If the reason of indigestion is virus, it lasts about a few days, if it is caused by bacterial infection it last longer.
  2. Indigestion which does not stop and lasts for more than two weeks.
  3. Chronic indigestion which lasts for more than a month, most often it has noninfectious character. Often it appears because of inflammatory process in intestines if the large intestine is irritated, the ulcer troubles.

Indigestion is most often provoked by viruses, bacteria which are in food and water, parasites. Pay attention, what medicine you take, they also can have laxative effect. Diarrhea can trouble the pregnant woman if she has a disease of a gastrointestinal tract and she can’t digest some food in full.

Reasons of Indigestion During Pregnancy

It is considered that the constipation is caused by continuous hormonal changes, and diarrhea can be result of food, water or physical activities. Some women have indigestion as a result of a complex vitamin which the woman takes during pregnancy. But most often indigestion can appear because of the food poisoning, parasites in intestines, especially, if it is together with high temperature.

Treatment of Indigestion During Pregnancy

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  1. Drink as much as you can, there must be sugar, salt in water surely in water necessarily. You can eat broth or drink a cup of sweet tea, so that acetone in blood does not increase. Control the color of your urine, normal is light yellow, transparent urine.
  2. Pay the attention to your nutrition, it is necessary to eat food, as often as you can in the small portions, include cracker, vermicelli of durum wheat, banana and rice. It is possible to eat a little of salty food.
  3. Consult your doctor, he will prescribe medicines which can be taken during pregnancy. If indigestion is getting worse, bloody discharges and high temperature appear, it is necessary to call the ambulance.

Most often the doctor prescribes Loperamide, Imodium, the medicine is taken once and no more than two pills, if the indigestion continues it is necessary to take again but only one pill. Lomotil or Diphenoxylate are taken in severe cases because it has a side effect and can be harmful for the baby.

It is recommended to drink yogurt during indigestion, it contains a large number of microorganisms – probiotics, it is possible to get rid of different diarrhea with the help of these probiotics. Some women have indigestion during the whole pregnancy and it is considered as a normal state because the system of digestion begins to slow down its work therefore diarrhea or a constipation start to disturb. Most often indigestion begins to disturb in the first trimester.

If the indigestion is not treated in time, it will last for a week and longer, everything can end with sad consequences – dehydration, a miscarriage and premature labor.

Before the doctor check up, it is necessary to take medicine which help to bring intestinal function to a normal state – smekta, absorbent carbon, rehydron. Plentiful warm drinking is necessary. If severe pain disturbs except indigestion, the tone in a uterus can appear, in this case it is necessary to take No-Spa, and this can help to get rid of a spasm in a stomach, intestines.

If during indigestion you have bloating, it is necessary to use the medicine which will help to get rid of it, also eat as much thin vegetarian soups as possible.

Products Which Must Be Eaten at Indigestion During Pregnancy

You have to refuse from:

  1. Dried fruit.
  2. Fat, fried, spices.
  3. Milk, very often women can have lactose failure

Except banana, rice, toasts, you should add to your menu cracker, potatoes, bread, biscuits of boiled vegetables, fatless meat, and yogurt. Pay attention, that during pregnancies it is not recommend drinking sweet juice – apple, grape, Coca-Cola and other sodas. The indigestion can get worse because of these products. During pregnancy never treat diarrhea by medicine, which contains a large amount of natrium, bicarbonate.

Preventive Measures of Indigestion During Pregnancy

  1. Keep an eye on food you eat, it must be of high quality and fresh.
  2. Check the keeping time.
  3. Refuse from vegetables, fruit, which do not grow in the season, they may contain s lot of nitrates and they provoke poisoning.

So that, to get rid of indigestion, it is necessary to consult the doctor. Being at home it is possible to drink rice broth, tea with herbs, to go on a special diet. If indigestion is provoked by an intestines infection, it is necessary to take antibiotics to get rid of pathogenic micro flora. Antibacterial medicine should be chosen by the doctor not to do much harm to the baby and to help the pregnant woman. Remember if do not treat the infectious disease of intestines in time, it can lead to organism emaciation, and it can an effect on mother and future baby’s health.

How to Deal with Pregnancy Indigestion

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