8 Month Old Baby

8 month old babies


Child Development, Your Baby at 8 Months

Your baby is already eight months, how much he already knows and can do, and how much he has yet to learn. In eight months the baby's curiosity is getting stronger, he starts exploring the world and begins to show his character.

Physical Development of the Child at the Eighth Month of Life

At the eighth month of life the child is gaining 500-550 grams of weight. This month the body length increases by 2 cm. At the seventh month the chest and head circumference are increased by 0.5 cm. By the eighth month of life in the babies typically erupt about four teeth. These are two of the lower middle incisors (6-7 months) and the top two middle incisors (8-9 months). It is important to remember that all children are unique and eruption of teeth can begin at some kids slightly earlier, and at others - later, and this is nothing to worry about.

Neuro-Psychological Development of the Child at 8 Months

Be prepared for the fact that the eight-month baby will begin to actively show his character and check the parents for strength.

Motor Skills

By the eight months the kids already know how to independently sit down and can easily sit for a few minutes without support. They are able to stand up, chin up or clinging to the sides of the crib or playpen. With the support of adults, some kids can do several independent steps.

Baby can crawl well and thanks to this many little ones are trying to climb the stairs and easily overcome small thresholds. Tweezer grip appears, that is, a kid can take objects using the thumb and index finger.

Cognitive activities

In the 8 months the searching activity of the child increases. The kid really likes throwing on the floor out of the stroller or crib different objects and in doing so, observe the reaction of parents. If you pick up the toy and put it back, next to the child, more likely it will fly back and be sure the baby does not get tired of doing it again and again. Thus he's playing with you and it seems fun to him .

What Can a Baby at 8 Months?

At this age the baby is able to hold objects firmly with both hands, as well as the take from one hand to another, throw toys and watch their further "fate". In eight months, you can try to introduce the child to the pottie, if the baby is able to sit. Don't expect that your baby will at once like it, all kids are differently trained to the pottie.

If the child does not like it, it is not necessary to insist on this point, it means that the time has not yet come. Postpone it for 2-3 week, and then try again. The baby loves the cooperative play with adults, he happily plays hide-and-seek. He recognizes well familiar objects, even in an inverted form, can find a toy hidden in front of him.

Speech Development at 8 Months

8 month old baby

Your little one starts better to combine sounds into syllables and repeats them in chain several times (Ma-Ma-Ma, Pa-Pa-Pa, and others). To stimulate speech development, talk with your child as much as possible, use short phrases, often repeat simple words. Tell how the cat meows, as the dog barks, as rain drips, how sound these or other sounds. To attract the attention the kid increasingly uses sounds and gestures.


In the eight months the child has a feeling of attachment to a particular member of the family, who spends the most time with him. The kid wants to be only with this person and starts crying if he loses sight of it. It is not worth to worry much about this, after some time it will pass and the kid will again be willing to communicate with all the relatives, whom he considers "his." Psychologists call this period the "point of alienation". The kid can express surprise, apprehension, joy, frustration with his face.

Sight and Hearing of the Child at 8 Months

By the eighth month sight and hearing increase. The baby begins to notice and collect from the surface and from the floor small crumbs and objects. The binocular sight is improving, meaning the ability to look on the objects with two eyes. The kid better distinguishes between the colors.

The child raises or lowers his head, if the source of the sound is above or below the level of his eyes. He responds well to the sounds that are removed from him at a distance of 4 meters. When he hears a foreign sound he stops the game if he is at the moment not interested, or again continues his occupation.

Child Care

In the eight months everything is interesting to the baby, including physiological exercise. Children like to do their "things" on the floor, after which they touch the resulting puddles and piles. Do not scold him for it, thus he knows the world, try to tell and explain to him from where it came from and that it shouldn't be touched and even more tasted. Once the kid has learned to sit, you can train him to the pottie, but at this stage, this procedure is only exploratory in nature.

Night's sleep of a toddler is about 11-12 hours, in the daytime, as a rule, the kid sleeps twice by 2-2.5 hours. Hydrotherapeutic procedures are required, they will bring more joy to the little one, if to hold them in the form of games and using toys for tubs. You can bathe the child at that age every day or every other day for 10-20 minutes. As baby's teeth are erupting carefully watch for oral hygiene.

Child Nutrition at 8 Months

If the kid can sit confidently, it is possible to put high chair to the table and to accustom the child to eat by himself. At the age of eight months dietary regimen is already taking some outlines, so you can make a breakfast, lunch, midday meal and dinner. If the mommy still have milk, it is better to keep on breast-feeding, at least up to a year. The feeding regime is five-time with a four-hour break.

At the 8th month you introduce the third complementary food, and the lunch, which the kid received earlier at 18:00 can be transferred to adult lunchtime at 14:00. The third complementary food (which the kid will get at 18:00) can consist of low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, rusk, biscuit, bun. Curdled diary products for babies are introduced to the kid's diet gradually, starting with 1 teaspoon and with good endurance increase their volume to 150-200 ml per day.

Starting from the 8th month 1-2 times a week you can give a kid a fish mince instead of meat. The boiled and strained cooked fish is given to the child with vegetables. After all major product groups are already introduced, you can pay attention to the diversity of the whole dish. New, possibly combined products are introduced, for example, not only a puree of various fruits and berries, but also their combination with cottage cheese, cream, cereals.

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