Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Mood Swings During Pregnancy


Pregnancy Mood Swings

During pregnancy the woman has a lot of changes in her life. Physically and emotionally, the periods of euphoria change into the periods of deep sadness during several minutes, and then everything becomes good again. Such state can prevent from work and the relations with close people. But if a family and friends often can treat with understanding to such mood swings during your pregnancy, then fellow workers and the management will hardly begin to suffer it for a long time.

What are the Mood Swings Connected During Pregnancy With?

These changes are connected with the fact that the general hormonal background changes, in particular estrogen and progesterone force the mood to change, making you, powerful or extremely non-confident. Also it is considered that mood swings are connected with adaptation of the woman’s body to pregnancy. It needs time to re-form for a new state. Therefore differences in mood are often widespread at the first trimester of pregnancy, along with dizziness, sickness and other signs.

In the second trimester, as a rule, the quietest time comes, the organism has adapted, and the toxicosis has gone. At this time the emotional background becomes more stable, along with it working capacity and a positive view of many things increase.

Mood swings can come back in the third trimester of pregnancy. At this time the grown-up belly begins to press on internals that causes discomfort, such problems as bad dreams (read about the solution of this problem in the article “Problems with a Dream during Pregnancy”), frequent urination, hypostases and late toxicosis can appear. All this, and also anxiety about the forthcoming birth of the infant, also have negative effect on emotional background of the pregnant woman.

How to Fight Against Mood Swings

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First of all you need to learn to relax.

You can get help from:

  • walking in the fresh air;
  • calm music;
  • meditations;
  • yogi for pregnant women (in detail in the article “Yogi during pregnancy”);
  • different pleasant trifles (shopping for your future baby, meetings with friends, visiting swimming pool);
  • week tea with lion’s - ear.

If you or the people surrounding you are disturbed by your emotional state, ask the doctor for advice, perhaps he will have recommendations especially for you. Also you should remember that all these troubles are temporary and very soon you are waited for the biggest miracle on Earth - your baby.

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