Post Pregnancy Girdle

Post Pregnancy Girdle


How to Wear a Postpartum Bandage and Whether it is Necessary Generally?

It seems that the worst part is over. You delivered a healthy baby and it is high time to think about yourself, to have some rest and relax. But you need to arm yourself with patience, as that was only the first part and the rest is about to come. The loose skin on your tummy is the best proof of that.

One look in the mirror is enough for a woman to panic with fear. All those questions popping up in her head: is it going to stay like that forever? Will that bulge around the tummy go? Will the stretch marks stay? All these questions nag at every woman, especially after the first baby.

The uterus stays enlarged for some time after the baby birth. Unfortunately it cannot return to normal sizes with a wave of a wand. It takes time. Many women turn to a post pregnancy girdle as a method to help them return their old body back. Some doctors encourage their female patients to wear it, while others say a firm no. So what is it then? Is it really needed? If yes, then when one should wear it? And for how long? Let's try to find this out.

Is the Post Pregnancy Girdle Needed?

Each delivery is different: some are natural, and some are solved with C-section. Some women end up with stitches in the groin or inside, and some don't have scars after the delivery at all. It is a very personal thing. And so is wearing the girdle. One should consult the doctor because it is not just a beauty product, but also a treatment that has its pros and cons.


The post pregnancy girdle is recommended when after the C-section a woman has severe pain. It is obvious because the woman cannot just lie down after the surgery; she needs to take care of the baby, which can be very difficult with a fresh scar. The post pregnancy girdle is the solution in this case.

Another situation the girdle can be of help is when a woman has a problem with her back, such as spinal curvature, scoliosis, or radiculitis. These problems get worse after the pregnancy due to the increased pressure on the back, both during the pregnancy and after the delivery. The back needs additional support, which can be provided by the post pregnancy girdle.


The greatest of them all is the vaginal stitches. According to some doctors, the post pregnancy girdle can decrease the blood flow in the abdomen, which can prolong the stitches recovery or even cause the inflammation. Another concern is swelling caused by kidney diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and stomach pains. Sometimes an allergic reaction to the material of the post pregnancy girdle can occur.

When to Put it On?

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If the doctor approved wearing the girdle, then the woman can wear it right after the baby birth or on the next day. The latter if the woman doesn’t get up after the delivery and spends the rest of the day in bed. The doctor usually decides about wearing the girdle during the postpartum exam. If the doctor sees any obstacles to wearing the girdle, he explains them to the woman. If, to the contrary, the doctor insists on wearing the girdle, he will recommend the particular type of the girdle and explain how to wear it.

How to Wear and How Long?

For how long one should wear the post birth girdle? This question interests all women who decide to wear the girdle. How long should one wear it to achieve results? It is very personal and depends on the specifics of the woman’s body. The average time is 4-6 weeks. No one can predict how quickly the uterus will return to normal size. Additionally, skin elasticity differs among women. Some women return to their shape fast, with their tummy getting as flat as before the pregnancy. Others may never return the firmness of the skin.

After wearing the girdle, woman can start doing special exercises to achieve better results. If the woman wears the girdle after the C-section, then it should be taken off after the stitches heal and the moderate pressure on the lower abdomen is not dangerous. Usually it is about 4 week but some stitches can heal longer, especially if the blood circulation is disturbed. In this case a woman should wear the girdle longer. As to how to wear the post birth girdle, it depends on the type of girdle.

Forms of Post Pregnancy Girdles

  1. Universal post birth girdle: This type is useful because its design allows you to wear it both during the pregnancy and after the delivery. The only difference is that during the pregnancy, you should wear the narrow side on belly and after the delivery the wide side comes up on the belly.
  2. Pull-up style girdle: This girdle looks like prenatal support underwear with high waist. It is made of thick material and more comfortable to use than the universal girdle.
  3. Shorts-like girdle: Has a high waist and covers the legs down to knees. This girdle is recommended for those who want shape not only the tummy but also buttocks and thighs.
  4. Post birth bandage skirt: Is a wide belt-like girdle with fasteners that is put on top of your underwear. It covers hips and the waist.

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