Mucus Plug In Pregnancy

Mucus Plug In Pregnancy


As the nose emits mucus to protect from infection, the same does the uterine cervix of a pregnant woman. The mucus plug is a dense lump of slime that clogs the cervical canal of the cervix during all period of pregnancy in order to protect the fetus and the uterus from bacteria. Before birth, the cervix begins to flatten and opens slightly under the action of hormones, so the plug goes away. Expectant mothers ask a lot of questions about it: how does it look like, what to do after it is released, when the birth begins and many others, to which we will respond.

How to Avoid Mistakes?

What is a mucus plug?

It may be:

  • Clean or streaked with blood;
  • White, yellowish, brownish, pink, greenish or even consist of all these colors.

Basically, the appearance of the plug varies from woman to woman, and in most cases it will vary even in the first and subsequent pregnancies. Many women notice that mucus plug comes off a little earlier than usual. This is due to the fact that the cervix in mothers who were already pregnant is slightly opened.

Why Discharge of the Plug May be Accompanied by Blood?

By the end of pregnancy, the cervix is shortened and begins to flatten. This is necessary in order to fully open the way for the passage of the newborn. This disclosure is often accompanied by traumatization of small vessels in the cervix, making the mucus plug pink or brown or with streaks of blood. This is normal and should not cause anxiety.

What to Do?

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  • Earlier than the 37th week of pregnancy: It is necessary to inform your gynecologist. This is not necessarily something dangerous, but you should exclude premature birth and pass a number of tests.
  • At the 38th week and later: This is normal and it is not urgent to inform the doctor. However, mention it on your next visit to the antenatal clinic.

Seek medical attention immediately if the bright red bleeding has started after discharge of the plug – it can be a sign of placenta previa or placental abruption.

Passage of Mucus Plug Before Delivery

If your plug is out or is currently coming off in small pieces, it means that your body is preparing for the birth. Do not be discouraged if you are in the 40th week, and you have not lost the plug. Many women say that it comes off during the birth. And perhaps, the plug was small and moved away from you while visiting the toilet room, so that you did not notice it.

When Will The Birth Begin?

If you noticed a discharge similar to mucus plug, which means the beginning of the birth in a few hours, days or even a couple of weeks. If the plug is moved, does this mean that the child has a high chance of infection? No, the baby is protected by the amniotic sac. If the water is not leaking and is not moved, the child is still safe in the womb.

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