How Many Trimester In A Pregnancy

How Many Trimester In A Pregnancy


How Many Weeks in Trimesters of Pregnancy

During pregnancy period the future mother has so many questions. For example, what is the trimester of pregnancy, how can trimesters be counted up, what should be taken into account, and so on. These and many other similar questions usually plague an inexperienced girl bearing her firstborn. But you shouldn't be discouraged. It is possible to understand all these questions quite easily. So, what is a pregnancy trimester? You shouldn't be frightened of this term. The trimester is just the period from three months which makes one third of pregnancy of a woman.

Let's turn to the following issue — how to count pregnancy trimesters. That is simply enough. You have to consider one rule, which is already mentioned above. The trimester is three months. The calculation is made from this point. So how long do all these pregnancy trimesters last? The first one lasts 3 months, the second trimester adds another three months, and the third one is also plus three. As a result, it would be nine months, i.e. the total time of child-bearing. It is simple mathematics, isn't it?

So, we begin with the very first question: what about the 1st trimester of pregnancy – how many months and weeks does it last?

The First Trimester of Pregnancy

How long is first trimester of pregnancy? The first three months of pregnancy are in many respects fundamental for normal development of the child. This period is especially important for the whole course of fetus formation. So, how long does the first trimester of pregnancy last? The answer is simple: first 3 months.

The first critical point of pregnancy is the second or third week when a girl doesn't even guess the events which are taking place inside her body. At this time the impregnated ovum attaches to the uterus wall endometrium. Gynecologists usually count up a period of women’s delicate condition not by months, but by weeks. Therefore there is one more question: how many weeks it lasts. It is classically considered to be that this term lasts thirteen weeks. And when the 1st trimester of pregnancy comes to an end and the 2nd begins, the more questions arise. Just in this trimester extra-uterine pregnancy can develop. It may be determined on the fifth obstetrical week of the first trimester.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

How Many Trimester In A Pregnancy 1

When it is all clear with the first trimester, the following question may arise: when does the second trimester of pregnancy begin? It is the period from the fourth to the sixth month. And it is the time when the organism is little subjected to any risks and sudden pregnancy termination. During this period the fetus begins to move inside. In case of the first pregnancy, future mother can feel the first stir approximately by the twentieth week.

As for duration of the second trimester in weeks then it is still simple. When the 1st trimester of pregnancy comes to an end, the 2nd one begins. That is since the 14th week. The second trimester lasts till 27th week inclusive. Now it is easy to count how many weeks it lasts — 13 weeks of the first trimester are deducted from 27 weeks, and we receive 14 weeks.

The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

And here, when the first two trimesters are behind, there is one more burning question: when the 3rd trimester of pregnancy begins. It is the final stage of the whole period, one may say, a homestretch. These are the seventh, eighth, and ninth months. When it is all clear with the months, then how many weeks does it make?

The last trimester lasts from 28th week till the end of pregnancy period. It is considered to be that pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, thus, the last trimester makes 13 weeks. However it should also be borne in mind that urgent delivery may arise from 38th week to the 42nd week of pregnancy, thus the third trimester varies, and can make from 11 to 15 weeks.

During this period the uterus changes the sizes. And the child moves most noticeably for mother. Many pregnant women say that the third trimester is the easiest one because general state of the organism is much better, and the presence of health is felt more so.

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