How Many Weeks Is A Full Term Pregnancy?

How Many Weeks Is A Full Term Pregnancy

How Many Weeks is a Full Term Pregnancy

But first, let's think about what is a so-called full-term pregnancy. Actually, this is a normal pregnancy which resulted in that childbirth has taken place from the 37th to the 42nd week of pregnancy.

Gynecologists from the USA have separated this concept into 4 stages:

  • early term 37-39 weeks of pregnancy;
  • completely full-term 39-41 weeks of pregnancy;
  • late-full-term 41-42 weeks of pregnancy;
  • postterm pregnancy more than 42 weeks.

So, after the 37th week of pregnancy, the child is considered full-term and ready to the birth. Of course, he will be not as large as children who are born on 41th week of pregnancy, but all child’s organs are already created and capable to be full-functional.

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