Flu And Pregnancy

Flu And Pregnancy


Flu in Pregnancy

During the winter time of a year, many people suffer from various catarrhal illnesses and flu. For pregnant women these illnesses can be quite dangerous. What exactly is so dangerous about them? Let’s try to figure it out together. Flu can be a rather cunning illness, especially, in case of pregnant women. It is passed from one person on to another one, it’s caused by groups A, B and C viruses. Getting through flu is rather hard.

The body temperature increases sharply, an intoxication occurs. Your throat aches and snuffle begins. Besides, flu is very often accompanied by strong head aches. Irrespective of the fact that flu is a viral illness, you may catch it rather often. The thing is that new types of the illness with a changed gene structure appear regularly. That’s why it’s impossible to adapt to it and be absolutely immune.

Pregnant women should do everything possible in order to avoid the illness. Besides, on the last stages of the pregnancy women are particularly inclined to catching it. Pregnant women are very susceptible since the ability of the organism to fight off is decreased. It’s not surprising that the risk of catching a flu during pregnancy is rather increased. Besides, flu in case of future mothers is often accompanied by complications. They suffer from tonsillitis, pyelonephritis and other unpleasant things.

What Symptoms are Typical for Flu?

The symptoms of a flu become evident rather quickly. The thing is that the incubation period may last for only several hours. The illness is practically always accompanied by intoxication. In the majority of cases, the first symptom of a flu is a high temperature. It increases sharply on the first day of the illness. As a rule, a high temperature keeps occurring for 1 or 2 days. On the third day, a person starts to gradually feel better. However, each case is unique. There are cases when the fewer and temperature that occurred for several days start to decrease. However, then, all goes up again.

The thing is that this illness can have several “rounds”. Very often it so happens that during the first day there are not any doubts that this is exactly the case of a flu. There are also cute pains in muscles, pains and redness in the throat, stuffy nose. It is noted that stuffy nose very often doesn’t occur right away. It occurs on the 2nd or the 3rd day of the illness.

Head aches are also a symptom of flu. The persons who are ill more often suffer from feeling giddy, pains in the eyes and belly. Also, there are often problems with appetite, nausea may occur. In some cases, patients suffer from vomiting. Besides, there is a possibility that you’ll forget about sleeping well all through the night till you completely recover from the illness. In the majority of cases, it also makes you forget about the way you look. As a rule, patients look pale, there is puffiness and blue shadows under the eyes. A person really looks ill.

How to Treat Flu in Case of Pregnancy

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For a pregnant woman treating flu is rather troublesome since you’d better avoid taking the majority of drugs when you’re pregnant. First of all, a pregnant woman should stick to a bed rest, being relaxed and drinking a lot of water. An important moment is constant airing of a room. You’d better do it every hour. You also need to be very serious about cleaning the room where you are and wash the dishes you use when eating. All dishes and cups should be swilled with hot water.

The diet of a pregnant woman who is ill is also important. It’s necessary to have a balanced diet that has lots of vitamins. Carbohydrate foods and dairy products should necessarily be included in your diet. You’d better give up eating foods with lots of salt. Also, do not forget about drinking a lot. Get various juices, stewed fruits drinks, fruit drinks, flavored tea with lemon. Drinking a lot will help to get toxins out of your system. In case of pregnant women, the problem of temperature is usually solved with the help of paracetamol. This drug is rather effective but you need to take it very carefully. You need to take the drug not more than once in 5 hours. During a day, you may take it only 4 times.

In order to recover from flu faster you need to regularly rinse your throat with special solutions. Furacilinum is very popular in this case. You may prepare it on yourself or buy at a drugstore an already made solution and mix it with water at home. If you prepare it on yourself, you need to dissolve the pills in water. You need to wait until the pills completely dissolve into water, then, you may start rinsing your throat. You may to rinse your throat with soda. Here, you only need to dissolve one teaspoon of soda in a cup of water. In order to get rid of cough it’s better to buy a special mixture.

This way you’ll get rid of the symptoms very fast. Some people say that while you’re having a flu, it’s necessary to take antibiotics since this is only them that will be a most effective way of treating. However, under no condition you should go on taking serious drugs, especially, if you’re pregnant. Only your doctor is allowed to prescribe antibiotics to you. Under no condition you should do it on your own.

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    I’ve recently had a case of influenza and now I’m afraid that it may have had an influence on my baby. I hope there won’t be any consequences for my sweet baby

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