Fetal Length And Weight Week By Week

Fetal Length And Weight Week By Week


Fetal Length and Weight Chart

The weight of the fetus developing in the mother’s womb is important criterion to estimate how correctly, fully and normally such development evolves. Just those weight parameters, which the doctors combine with some other options such as growth, size of body parts or heartbeat, allows for an early identification of peculiar issues associated with the course of pregnancy. On how the fetus gains weight for each week, the doctor might judge of the child’s whole development, and also about whether he is probably affected by any pathogenic factors.

What Should Be The Height And Weight Of The Fetus At Each Week Of Pregnancy

Somehow to be guided during pregnancy and to control development of the child, there are certain weekly norms for fetal weight. Usually total weight of the fetus is monitored by means of ultrasonic research which is a reliable method with the maximum accuracy. But the ultrasonography can be done only several times during the entire period of pregnancy therefore the doctors estimate such weight "by eye". They just measure the height of uterus and make the abdominometry.

So as not to be at a loss to account for how many the child has to weigh at a certain term of pregnancy, there is a special table of fetal weight, week by week:

Fetal Length And Weight Week By Week 1

But it is worth remembering that such indicators are not exact, but only approximate. Therefore, you shouldn't do sudden conclusions estimating the general parameters of the child’s development. Besides, only the qualified specialist has to do such inspections.

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