Ear Infections In Babies

Ear Infections In Babies


Babies Ear Infection

If the baby became restless, cannot fall asleep and is crying, it is possible that he simply has aching ears. It is often difficult for mom to understand what exactly bothers the baby, because he cannot talk about his feelings. That is why we need to very carefully treat the disturbing bells because most often the cause of pain in the ears of infants are ear infections.

Symptoms of Ear Infections

An easy way to make sure that it is a pain in the ears that gives discomfort to a child is to press on the tragus. So is called the portion of the ear, which closes the entrance channel. If you see that your child has discomfort, he shudders, weeps, it means that he still has a problem with ears. Carefully read the list of symptoms.

If you noticed them at your child as soon as possible please contact your doctor:

  • fever;
  • there are discharges from the nose;
  • yellow or greenish discharge from the ear, even mixed with blood;
  • the kid has become irritable and restless;
  • he started to sleep bad, especially at night, he wakes up, moans, screams;
  • began to behave worse, is capricious.

Medical Directory

Ear infection are commonly referred to by the generic term otitis.

Inflammation of the Outer Ear (Otitis Externa)

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Otitis externa occurs when during ear cleaning or brushing the hair infection got in the skin of external auditory passage.

Redness around the ear meatus, translucent discharges. Inflammation occurs because of micro cracks and damage of the skin. Symptoms: the temperature rose to 39.0 °C and higher, chills, refusal of food. Swollen and red auricle, bubbles on the outside of the ear passage. Furuncle or inflammation of the hair follicle in the external auditory passage appear due to skin micro trauma and fall of immunity.

Symptoms: ear pain, lymph nodes near the ear have increased after chewing. Furuncle is not visible immediately, it soon matures and ruptures, emitting the pus. Treatment. With minor illness you can treat at home: lotions, creams, balms. If there are complications, hospitalization is needed and the appointment of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs by a doctor.

Inflammation of the Middle Ear

Acute otitis appears as a complication after ARVI. From the nasopharynx of auditory tube infection hits the ear. Also the reason could be the hit of the breast milk from the nasopharynx in ear when feeding.

Symptoms: ear pain, fever, lethargy and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. If pus goes from the ear, it means that the catarrhal otitis has shifted in purulent complications that go into mastodit-acute inflammation of the mastoid of the outgrowth of temporal bone. The skin behind the ear auricle becomes red, the auricle bulges. Treatment. be sure to call the doctor. With acute otitis antibiotics and vasoconstrictor drops in the nose, vodka compresses and warming by the blue light are prescribed.

Diseases of Middle Ear Without Pus

Tubootitis (or eustachitis) is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the auditory tube, which swells and narrows as a result. It often occurs during colds.

Symptoms: tinnitus, hearing loss, blocked ears. Treatment. the doctor prescribes antiseptics, antibiotics and physiotherapy course.

How to Avoid Ear Infections? Prevention

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Breastfeeding will help with this. It is best to prevent than cure ear infections at infants. Breastfeeding will help with this, because mom's milk is the main source of immunity of the child. It is important to keep baby upright for the milk not to get into the ears. If baby has a cold, remove the liquid from the nose and often flip the baby when he lies.

Ear infection in infants, unfortunately, is a frequent illness. It is not worth to self-medicate, immediately contact your doctor and don't try to instill drugs in the ears. And do not be upset if the kid is put in a hospital, this will prevent complications in the future and will preserve the hearing of the child.

What Causes Ear Infection?

Ear infection in a child occurs as a result of amassing the fluid in the auditory tubes. The liquid becomes an excellent source of nourishment for bacteria. As bacteria multiply harmless but painful infection occurs. Hence, is the redness, inflammation of the eardrum. The main culprits here are runny nose, allergies and clogged nose, because these conditions lead to accumulation of fluid.

How to Relieve the Suffering of the Child. Treatment

Diseases of the ear can be very painful for children due to the pressure in the middle ear (hence is the excessive tearfulness and tantrums). Most pediatricians are waiting until the infection goes by itself, and for pain relief are prescribing pain killers containing acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin), ear drops with benzocaine.

It is worth noting that using ear drops are not allowed in the case of a break in the eardrum (with the exception of doctors decisions, taking into account your individual situation).

From home remedies applying locally of warm towels to your ear with easy pressing are recommended: This helps ease the condition of a little kid and distract him.

Video: Ear Infection Symptoms In Babies.

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