Chemical Pregnancy

Chemical Pregnancy


A lot of modern women have problems with conception. According to experts assertions, nearly 70 percent of all pregnancies are terminated at the early stages.

A woman couldn’t even begin to suspect that she is pregnant. She often perceives a miscarriage as monthly periods which occur few more days later.

What Is The Meaning Of Biochemical Pregnancy

The concept of biochemical pregnancy is common enough in gynecology.

Such pregnancy begins rather correctly, when a germinal cell attaches to the internal surface of the uterus. However, biochemical pregnancy is terminated just as the periods come. A woman who doesn't know about her condition has no suspicion and remains absolutely undisturbed. She doesn't hurry to visit a doctor, because her monthly periods have begun on time. Such periods may be slightly different from usual periods, a little more heavy or painful, for instance.

However, there is also other category of women. They are the ones who became the first explorers of the concept of biochemical pregnancy. Every month such women expect not monthly periods, but pregnancies. They administer pregnancy tests, rejoice over them and hurry to take their family these good news from the first day of a delay.

They feel many «signs of pregnancy», grow more capricious and cannot control their own whims. But analyses and ultrasonography are not used to ensure pregnancy.

In several days, the monthly periods have come as though there was no sensation of a pregnancy at all. Actually, there was biochemical pregnancy. And it is difficult enough to get the scientific definition of it.

Symptoms Of Biochemical Pregnancy

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In most cases biochemical pregnancy has run without any symptoms or unpleasant feelings. It is the main difference between such pregnancy and its usual option. A woman for whom biochemical pregnancy has come, feels perfectly normal, no toxicoses torment her. The most frequent and popular signs of pregnancy often aren't felt at biochemical option. It concerns preferences in food, drowsiness, irritability, tearfulness, sensitivity of mammary glands, and changes in appetite.

How some women manage to distinguish biochemical pregnancy? First, it can be noticed just only by those ladies who very much dream of pregnancy and listen to the slightest changes of their bodies. First of all, biochemical pregnancy can be recognized with a small delay of monthly periods. Besides, the periods which have begun after biochemical pregnancy are more painful and plentiful, than normal discharge. As you can see, such signs are rather relative and doubtful. The only accurate factor, which can prove the fact that you are pregnant, is haemanalysis for the presence of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

HCG During Biochemical Pregnancy

The level of hCG hormone would allow to define pregnancy precisely.

It begins to grow still while woman’s monthly periods are not being delayed, and any other sign of delicate condition is not observed at that. Ultrasonic research won't show any result at such early stages. At this point, Biochemical pregnancy is not an exception to the rules. And the hCG-analysis will also show it. Just hCG hormone level, which exceeds five units, might indicate the fact of existence of pregnancy. If the hCG-analysis has shown 5 or 6 units of hCG hormone level, but neither   health checkup, nor pregnancy test has confirmed result, it is worth making the repeated analysis in several days. If it has shown decrease in concentration of hormone, so we are discussing about biochemical pregnancy then. It won't be possible, unfortunately, to keep pregnancy and to give birth to the child. If a gynecologist confirms existence of germinal cell, then we may talk about normal pregnancy. Biochemical pregnancy absolutely always comes to an end with an abortion, it can't be kept. If the delay lasts further and follow-up repeated analysis is positive, then it is already about usual pregnancy, but not biochemical.

The Reasons Of Biochemical Pregnancy

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Modern people, especially women worry about the question of the reasons of biochemical pregnancy arising. Though it’s worth noting that many ladies today are unaware of such pregnancy existence at all, therefore they never use this term in their life also. But the couples, which long time unsuccessfully dream of own children, often face this term. In spite of the fact that the medicine is being developed at an amazing speed, the reasons of biochemical pregnancy remain essentially a complete mystery. Actually, there can be much reasons like these.

Especially, it can be the problem with hormonal background, immune factors, chromosomal anomalies. These very factors often lead to biochemical pregnancy which doesn't allow the woman to bear in her uterus an embryo.

However, biochemical pregnancy isn't yet a sentence for the couple longing for a child. This does not tell that a woman would be barren and the next attempts would also lead to negative result. Doctors concur with the view that such woman shouldn’t be still hopeful in any case. Pregnancy could be planned already for the next cycle after biochemical pregnancy. But it is better not to hurry with conception nevertheless, and should have undergone complete checkup. And at the same thing, it is better not to lose the time and begin this examination at once.

In most cases, which have been recorded by physicians, biochemical pregnancy has no serious reasons, but there are also exceptions to the rules. In some situations such pregnancy can occurs because of problems with woman’s hormonal system or with her immunity.

In that case, the woman should complete a full course of treatment before planning of the next pregnancy, and could conceive a baby just only after repeated checkup.

Each couple, of course, makes a decision independently, but it is better not to hurry with conception nevertheless. The fact of the matter is that biochemical pregnancy is a stress for female organism therefore it is better to give it the chance to have a rest for a while.

You can decide to conceive unless there’s a truly convincing reason for biochemical pregnancy. It rather frequently happens that real pregnancy comes already in the following cycle. That is exactly what doctors wished to all the patients. Let you never should learn what biochemical pregnancy is, let you learn pleasure by motherhood.

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