Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy


Back Pain in Pregnancy

Many people would like to knowwhy the back ache happens during pregnancy. I suppose, it is well known to everyone that the organism of future mother works with increased stresses during this period, trying to provide the normal development of the embryo.

Naturally, almost all weaknesses of woman health come inunder such conditions at once. For example, the center of gravity of a pregnant woman’s body is shifted as a result of growth of the foetus. Therefore backbone pain appears, most often in the lumbar region. So, let's understand as it is possible to help the body to do away the arising difficulties.

Causes and Effects

The pregnancy period affects the femoral and the sacral joints in a systematic way. If earlier they weren't mobile, then during pregnancy period they begin to relax under the influence of special hormone. The sense of these changes is clear – it’s done to facilitate for the child to pass during delivery.

But it’s hard to keep balance on this time, because of such relaxation in combination with the child growing inside. Therefore, a woman would use to bend her neck and throw back shoulders. As a result the stomach is even more stuck out and that only aggravates the problem. Thus, the backbone would be much curved, muscles of a lower back are constantly strained, that is just what leads to the emergence of pain.

Besides, a certain risk group is made by women who ever, even before pregnancy, had diseases of the musculoskeletal device, somehow osteochondrosis, a backbone curvature, insufficient development of muscles which participate in basin inclinations. In these cases the back hurts also after pregnancy too.

Why During Pregnancy the Back Could Ache Deeply?

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The pain sensations appear at the different moments during pregnancy for different women. But, as a rule, the back begins to ache since the 20th or 21th week of pregnancy period. However, pain could emerge much earlier, and in this case everything would depend on a woman lifestyle.

The back could ache deeply during the end of pregnancy, it is about 34th, 35th, 36th and 37th weeks of pregnancy period. The point in this case is not only that a woman is being overweight, but is also that the child begins to press on a waist. About this time the woman’s body begins a peculiar "preparation" therefore some women feel rather intensive and severe pain though others could not feel it at all. In this case it is possible to notice that the belly wall itself sometimes strains, becoming considerably firm. It is well noticeable when the woman has to strain physically or when she becomes angry, but it may be without any reason.

How to Overcome the Back Pain

To relieve back pain during pregnancy, it is necessary to follow several simple rules:

  1. Use to wear shoes on low heels. Remember, that flat shoes are not recommended as well as some high-heeled.
  2. Do physical exercises for pregnant women. Pregnancy is not an occasion to spend most part of time staying in bed. Here's the optimal motions: specialized water aerobics and yoga for pregnant women.
  3. Consider limits of your abilities. If it is difficult to make something on your own, just ask someone to help you.
  4. The bed on which you sleep has to have rigid basis. It is recommended to sleep on one side with a pillow between knees for support of the growing belly.
  5. It is allowed: a massage of painful places (including gentle back massage performed by the beloved husband), putting on coldand hot compresses. It would be good to put hot water bottle a cold-water bottle with ice or a package of the frozen vegetables for 20 minutes 3 times a day for two or three days in succession,
    then a hot-water bottle with warm water for two or three days according to the same method. But you ought not to put neither hot nor cold thingson the area of the abdomen.
  6. It is recommended: an acupuncture and a consultation of an expert in osteopathy. The expert is required to have documents revealed that he has been trainedappropriately and has the right to apply some methodics in their attitude to pregnant women.
  7. The doctor could appoint a short course of medicinal pain relief. Use of acetaminophen (paracetamol) is considered safe.

When it is Necessary to See a Doctor Urgently

In these cases the pain syndrome can be a "mask" of more serious problems with health:

  • an intense pain has suddenly begun;
  • the pain amplifies or lasts more than two weeks;
  • the pain is pulsating in nature;
  • the pain is accompanied by bloody discharge from genitals;
  • the pain comes on with increasing temperature or with the painful frequent urination.

5 Easy Exercises to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy


  • Elizabeth says:

    I used a belt and a pillow while sitting to relief backache. A special gymnastic for pregnant also helps.

  • Rachel says:

    It’s important to make sure you’re wearing shoes that are comfortable and provide support for your feet, because this will definitely have an effect on how your back feels! Thanks for sharing the tips.

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