Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Sex Positions During Pregnancy


Pregnancy Sex Positions

Sex life during normal pregnancy shouldn’t have any changes. Sexual intercourse builds confidence in both partners. A woman feels that her partner needs her. A man feels that his partner loves not only their future baby but loves him as well. The best time for sex during pregnancy is in the 2nd trimester, when it’s most comfortable and pleasurable.

A woman’s body has already adjusted to hormonal changes and stresses by that period. She almost has no painful sensations and toxicosis. Though a woman’s belly can get in the way and both parents are worried to harm the baby. Certainly every couple has its own approach to choosing sex positions but an expert’s advice can be very helpful.

Most Comfortable Sex Positions During Pregnancy

The woman-on-top position, also called riding position, is one of the safest and most comfortable positions. The man doesn’t press the woman’s belly and his legs support woman’s back. The woman controls the depth of penetration. The pose with the man lying behind the woman is good too, because the belly lies comfortably just like the woman wants it.

Another good position is when the woman lies on the edge of the bed and the man is standing on his knees facing her near the bed. The woman’s legs can rest on the stool or small ottoman. The position with the woman lying on her back and the man on her side frees the woman’s belly too. The woman’s legs lie on top of the man.

Photo Instruction for the Pregnancy Sex Positions

Classic Missionary Position

Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Spooning Position

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On Top Position

Safe and Comfortable Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Doggy Position

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Scissors Position

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Saddle Side Position

The Best Positions for Every Trimester

Modified Missionary Position

Sexual Positions During the First Trimester

Sex During Pregnancy

Hormonal changes in the pregnant woman’s body heighten sexual sensations. The woman can experience one of the most powerful orgasms. Her partner’s every touch makes her feel an increased sexual sensation. Starting from now though, this affection to her partner will be mixed with the worries about her future baby.


It is not just ok to have sex during pregnancy but a necessity. If the partners follow the simple precautions and consider the woman’s wishes, they both can experience an amazing pleasure.

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