Sensitive Teeth During Pregnancy

Sensitive Teeth During Pregnancy


Sensitive Teeth in Pregnancy

Sometimes, teeth may become more sensitive during the course of pregnancy. maybe it’ll be easier for you to put up with it if you know about one simple thing – almost all pregnant women face it. We recommend you reading through the list of reasons for the increased sensitivity of teeth and gums.

We also provided some tips for you on how to reduce possible painful sensations:

  • High level of estrogen and progesterone increases the blood flow to your teeth and gums. As a result, they become softer and more prone to inflammations. That’s why painful sensations may occur.
  • If your gums are bleeding and the adamantine substance of teeth is destroyed, it may mean that there is a risk of advanced labour and even miscarriage.
  • Lack of calcium. It may also be a reason for an increased sensitivity of your teeth during pregnancy. The adamantine substance of your teeth cracks and gets destroyed due to the anabrosis processes. That’s why there may occur a case of a tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease. As a result, you lose the damaged tooth.

You know that there are lots of changes happening in the organism of a pregnant woman. Increased teeth sensitivity may be one of them. Consequently, it can be considered to be a sign of pregnancy. During the first weeks of pregnancy, there may occur nagging painful sensations. Even when you don’t touch your teeth with a toothbrush, there may occur painful sensations. The fact is that you may feel the discomfort for no reasons at all.

How do You Reduce the Teeth Sensitivity During the Course of Pregnancy?

Remedies Sensitive Teeth During Pregnancy

As a rule, during the course of pregnancy it is forbidden to take drugs that can help reduce the teeth sensitivity and painful sensations that occur because of it. Do not worry. It doesn’t mean that your smile will never be as beautiful as it was before. You only need to pay attention to your mouth cavity and take care of it.

Keep following the hygiene rules as you did before. This way your teeth will stay healthy and the pain will decrease. However, you shouldn’t forget that there is a need to pay special attention to the condition of your mouth cavity.

Below you’ll find rules on how to take care of sensitive teeth during pregnancy:

  1. Choose a soft toothbrush. Using silk thread, you can clean the area in between and around your teeth thoroughly and, at the same time, without damage. This way your gums will cause less pain. besides, they’ll bleed less.
  2. Pay attention to what you eat. Some foods may cause painful sensations. You have painful sensations when drinking tea? Maybe, pain occurs when you eat ice-cream? If so, you’d better avoid eating it and drinking tea. According to the official statistics, in the majority of cases, after labour the sensitivity of gums comes back to its normal level. Consequently, the sensitivity of teeth also should become normal. It means that you’ll be able to eat and drink whatever it is that you used to drink and eat before pregnancy.
  3. Eat less sweets. Sugar is the source for the bacteria that live in your mouth cavity. It means that, if you eat many sweets, there may occur painful sensations and result in the presence of carious cavities. that’s why you need to reduce the amount of sweets you eat. In case you ate something sweet, you need to brush your teeth right after it so that to clean what’s left of sugar in your mouth cavity.
  4. Go to your dentist regularly. Do not use the fact that you’re pregnant as a reason for not visiting your dentist. Remember that by visiting him/her on a regular basis you keep your teeth healthy during pregnancy. It means that you’ll also have a beautiful smile after labour. However, you need to necessarily tell your dentist that you’re pregnant so that he/she is able to take special precautionary measures. For example, he/she will know that only certain kinds of X-ray is possible in your condition.
  5. The truth is that pregnancy is the time when certain changes in the organism of a woman occur. However, it doesn’t mean that you should put up with the pain caused by the increased teeth sensitivity. It may be truly unbearable. Ask your dentist if there are any safe means that will allow you to reduce it as much as possible. Follow his/her recommendations as well as hygiene rules. If you do it, you’ll be able to enjoy the course of your pregnancy without having to worry about its possible negative effects in terms of your mouth cavity.

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