Pregnancy Scare

Pregnancy Scare


Pregnancy and Scared

It is often that a woman is scared of potential pregnancy and she is even afraid to get and make a pregnancy test. Such and other fears become the serious barrier for the maternity. Sometimes, a woman cannot get pregnant since she is instinctively afraid of pregnancy and future birth of the child.

Find below the most common fears of women:

1. A fear to fail and raise a child and be a good parent. This is often common to younger people who tend to stay young and careless and somewhat irresponsible. This is rather the factor of immaturity for an adult, whether it is a woman or a man.

2. A fear to lose personal leisure time and space. Each adult person is sometimes desirous to stay alone with itself, where a child will be absolutely dependent on you, especially in its first years of life. If you would like to feel and stay independent in all, this is likely the anxiety to get sensitive to someone. This is the case when you need to sort yourself out prior to acquire a child.

3. A fear to lose freedom. This is most common to active career women or to those who trust in thir partners. And the choice between the “career” and a “child” becomes challenging where you are serious in both cases. It’s up to you to plan your own life at your own and sole discretion. Yet, no need to shrink from difficulties. This is what you can easily overcome. Look at those famous and lucky women. Look around and see successful mothers surrounded. And still, remember that it’s you who open doors to this life to new people.

Just think for a while, who will be the perfect helper at home when you seek spare time to work. Talk to your parents or hire a babysitter to take care of your child in certain periods. Re-evaluate your work schedule.

You will probably manage to arrange your activities to work part-time and appear in the office as agreed with your employer.

4. A fear to lose shapes and to fail to come back to former shapes as you bear a child. This is mainly common to women who strongly believe they are loved for their beautiful figure. Women who are obsessed with their figure are too sensitive to how attractively they look. And this requires delicacy and tenderness from their partners. To attack your fear, you may want to talk to your doctor or a fitness trainer to know of your body type and your tendency to corpulence. It’s good to remember how your mother’s or grandmother’s shapes changed after delivery and how fast they recovered, whether they kept an active life style. At large, fantastic fears lose the weight where a woman is serious about a baby.

5. A fear of pain. Almost every other-to-be feels some qualms about the painful process of labor. If you are overwhelmed with this, it makes sense to get more information on the labor prior to get pregnant.
You may visit a school for pregnant where women hear lectures on medicine, watch movies on the labor activity, and get to know of fears of those who have already given birth to children. A mother-to-be needs to know what the delivery process is, which phases it consists of, what happens at each phase, and how a child behaves or feels at each stage of delivery. Having read and understood this process, you will feel that you quit yourself of fears.
6. A fear that your partner will fail to be a good father. Prior to get pregnant, each woman defines whether her partner can be a good parent. And yet, instinctively she feels if she wants a child from a certain person. If you want a child, but you are not sure at all whether your partner can be a good parent, if your relations are mostly stressful than supportive, you may want to choose between a partner or a child, or get pregnant despite of vague perspectives and no surety at all. Though, you can raise this issue for discussion prior to take a final decision. The heart-to-heart talk will allow realizing how close you are to each other but this may be also helpful to identify fears in your partner. This is important that your discussion is calm, friendly, with no aggression and attack from your side in an attempt to put an end. Such a straight talk may clarify lots of thoughts and allow go forward.

7. A fear to get attached to a certain man. It’s hard to advise anything if this is a case. Try to consider all pros and cons and go with your gut. Listen to your heart: our feelings are mostly true. If you love your partner, you will say “yes” to yourself.

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