2 Months Old Baby Feeding

how much formula to feed 2 month old baby


What to Feed a 2 Month Old Baby, Child Nutrition in 2 Months

In the second month of life the baby's main food is breast milk. It is still a food and drink that quenches thirst and hunger. Towards the end of the second month you already know how often you should feed a baby. Feeding on demand would be preferable. Let the baby spend at the breast as much time as needed. Perhaps you have already developed a certain feeding schedule. But you should feed the baby not less than 6 times per day.

If you want to estimate the daily dose of milk that is needed to feed the child in the 2nd month of life, it is necessary to multiply by ⅕ the weight of the baby in grams. The same way is calculated the amount of milk, if the child is breastfed. But it is not necessary to compute by yourself -follow the instructions on the package of the mixture.

During this period, the child should not be fed by water or children's teas, if the pediatrician has not assigned you something as a preventive or therapeutic purposes. The breast milk remains the only child's nutrition in the 2nd month of life.

Sometimes, very impressionable mothers may feel that their child does not eat up and does not eat well. At any age, if the child is active, not capricious, nothing bothers him – there is nothing to worry about! Perhaps the baby might just be distracted by extraneous stuff during feeding. To ensure that this is not the case, you should choose a place for feeding, where nobody would distract you. Focus on the process, pat your baby, talk to him quietly, sing lullabies.

If this does not help, consult your pediatrician. Perhaps your child is overexcited and the doctor will advise what to do to cope with him.

2 Month Old Baby Feeding Schedule

what to feed a 2 month old baby

But to ensure that your baby eats up, get a "test on the wet diapers." This is a test on a number of urinations of the baby for a day. You need to forgo diapers, for example, from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. the next day and count how many times the baby has made a pee. Don't worry, if the baby urinates on everything. You will make it. Moreover, if it's late spring, summer or early autumn. In the cold season, it is better not to walk around in this day and put diapers on a baby.

Once the day has passed, we count our diapers. If a child has made a pee 12 times and more-you are okay, the baby eats well. If from 8 till 10-there are small problems with feeding, but it is not so scary. If there are just 6 wet diapers or less-it's time for alarm, your baby does not have enough milk, and he doesn't eat up.

During this period one should not experiment with nutrition of a lactating mother. The stomach of the baby is not yet ready for new products. And he should not overeat. Just eat in moderation, preferably frequently and in small portions. There is the same positive effect on feeding, if a mom eats immediately after feeding the baby.

Until the end of the second month the child should gain weight of 800 g and grow up to 2.5 cm.

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