16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks Pregnant


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16 weeks pregnant is how many months? Is the middle of the 4th month or the 2nd trimester

What to Expect at 16 Weeks Pregnant

16th week of pregnancy is, as a rule, marked by development of mimicry in your kid - now he will start moving lips and eyelids, it is quite possible that it is his first unconscious smile. In the same time all bone tissue almost completely forms thanks to what the head of the kid keeps steady. At girls by this period development of ovaries comes to end. In their still absolutely small organism more than 5 000 000 ovas form which are located in the area of basin. Significantly release of urine at the child increases, his bladder is emptied hourly.

Just because the urinogenital system of the kid, at last, adjusts its work, also the volume of amniotic liquid increases, reaching 250 milliliters. Right now you have opportunity to descend on appointment and to make very important research of AFP. This test is absolutely safe for fetus so there is nothing at allto worry about. To reveal diseases they make a triple test which allows to reveal at the kid these or those disturbances in work of CNS.

Also, at this stage mammary glands become more active, and blood in breast circulates quicker. Sensitivity, thus, remains just the same which it was on the first weeks of pregnancy. The child starts moving and actively bump at this time and he is felt very strongly. At this stage it is already possible to define more or less exact date of childbirth. Because work of organism now is very strongly reconstructed, you should take some tests, the analysis on chorionic gonadotrophin, alpha-fetoprotein, and also on unconjugated estriol.

What Happens and What Does Baby Look Like at 16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks Pregnant 1Whoever you waited - the boy or the little girl, he is already quite big kid and about hundred-two hundred grams weight, his length reaches about eleven centimeters at this time. Fetal development proceeds with great strides - bones become stronger and the kid is already capable to hold independently neck and to turn head. Eyes and ears are already almost on those places where they should be, and nails by this moment are completely created.

Organs of the kid by this moment already start carrying out functions honestly: a small heart pumps over 25 liters of blood per day, and the liver works on digestive function. In a test mode, but nevertheless stomach, intestines and gall bladder work. In intestines already there are processes by nature: in it the fecal mass of dark green color consisting of bile forms. The bladder too does not hold back and each 45 minutes the urination comes.

Besides, blood is already completely created, now it is accurately possible to define its group and Rhesus factor. In it already there is everything too most that is at any adult, but also there is "infantile bonus" - hemoglobin of newborns. Later some time there will be also usual hemoglobin, but it completely will replace existing, only in 6 months after the birth of the kid.

Belly Moms

Term in 16 weeks in most cases does not assume conspiracy any more, and pregnancy becomes distinct noticeable for people around. Especially in case of the second pregnancy the stomach can be stuck out even on earlier terms forward. At the first pregnancy, on the contrary, the tummy can be swept not so up from outside. It is caused by physiological features of development of the pregnancy. But the main thing that mummy already feels the kid.

As the stomach grows, in appearance of the pregnant woman there can be also other, not less noticeable changes. So, the bigger the stomach, the more dark strip is visible which kinf of divides it into two parts from navel. Such change happens because of accumulation under skin at the pregnant woman of pigment of melanin.

Except strip on stomach, spots of melanin can appear also on cheeks, on the forehead, nose bridge or around eyes of a future mother. Such changes are not dangerous at all, don't worry, after the delivery skin color will be recovered and dark nevus pigmentosus will go away.

16 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures Showing

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16 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: bellies at 16 weeks 6 days pregnant.


16 week will bring you stability in feelings. Terminated for a long time toxicosis and frequent urination promote improvement of mood. At this time painful feelings in breast disappear though it, preparing for lactation, and continues to increase, all other discomfortable phenomena nevertheless remain in the past. The 16th week is that period when the woman starts feeling perfectly: essential inflow of forces is felt, energy has enough, there are tranquillity and tranquility.

Already jumps of mood caused by influence of hormones do not disturb. In total those who tested tortures from toxicosis in the first weeks, it is now breathed sigh of relief and will feel good appetite. Now future mummy starts eating fully and strenuously. At last it is possible to eat everything that else some time ago simply it was impossible to afford. Thus there is no need to care of figure now absolutely.

Except the other pleasant moments now there comes that time when mummy has opportunity to feel the first movements of the kid. Sometimes they so easy and imperceptible that they are difficult to be realized. However, different mothers have kids too different, therefore it does not matter if you feel nothing. The fetus can start moving at different times, even at different pregnancies at the same woman. Most often those women, for which this pregnancy is not the first one, can feel in themselves new life on the 16th week. The 16th week is a part of the second trimester getting for the fourth month.

Ultrasound at 16 Weeks at Pregnancy

Ultrasonography can help you to see and hear the kid. On the device monitor you will be able accurately to see movements of the child, its reaction to the outside world expressed in an active mimicry. The kid can even wink at you. On such term you have chance to lift veil of secrecy and to know the child's gender if of course you want to know it.

16 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

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16 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

16 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

16 Week Ultrasound Boy

16 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

16 Week Ultrasound Girl

16 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

16 weeks ultrasound twins pictures


Prepare for that on the 16th week you should make even more tests, than earlier. Add to analyses of urine, control of your weight, pressure and listening of cardiac performance of the fetus, already usual for you, also developed blood tests (NE, AFP and HCG) which are made to define possible deviations in development of the child. All these analyses will allow to define many chromosomal deviations, such as Down syndrome, craniocereberal hernia, anencephalia and malformation of backbone. It should be taken into account that results of analyses which have been received on this term, are not unambiguous sentence and need additional confirmation. In case of doubts and for full confidence you can pass additional research.

There is research called Amniocentesis which gives the chance to reveal up to forty inborn defects. It is carried out by means of direct fence by needle of test of amniotic waters. This procedure is very dangerous if it is carried out by the low-qualified specialist and even in the presence at the doctor of sufficient experience the risk is very high. Deciding on such procedure, you should remember it and to consider that this procedure can cause serious effects, such as premature births or even abortion.


By the beginning of the sixteenth week toxicosis already does not disturb future mother at all, but nevertheless characteristic pains take place. They most often arise in lower back a lumbar department of the backbone, and they are called by increase in natural load of backbone in this place. Full refusal of footwear on heels will be the most optimum for you at this time. You need to have a rest often in convenient pose, you will find it independently trial-and-error method.

It is strictly forbidden to sleep on stomach since any excessive pressure upon the fetus can cause an irreparable injury. As a rule, the dream on spin will only provoke additional pain, cramps and cramping. Proceeding from it is the only option which has remained in your arsenal it is dream on one side. It is possible to try to tighten slightly knees to breast if it is so more convenient to you.

Allocations at 16 Weeks

It can be so that on the sixteenth week nature of allocations at the pregnant woman will change. At some they become whitish color, the profuseness can increase a little. Such changes are quite normal and natural. Generally on this term allocations have to be homogeneous and should not cause any discomfort of a pregnant woman. In case if the woman feels burning, pains or other unpleasant feelings in stomach, there is probability of development of an infectious disease.

The changed consistence of allocations (can become heterogeneous or curdled), color (greenish, gray, sometimes with slime) can become symptoms of the developing infection or has begun to smell. In such situation it is necessary to address immediately to the doctor not to miss development of vulvitis, colpitis or the milkwoman. The doctor will appoint corresponding treatment proceeding from results of your analyses.

If allocations at some point became brown color and are followed by bleeding or simply blood in them, the help of the doctor is necessary for you without fail and very urgently. It can be the sign indicating high probability of failure of the pregnancy.


The uterus increases throughout all duration of gestation and it is more than normal. On the 16th week it already weighs about 250 grams, and its height at this time reaches half of distance to the navel.

All these indicators have to be written down by the doctor, as they are necessary for understanding whether the pregnancy proceeds normally. Quite natural and usual increase in uterus in size can provoke also reaction of intestines: at you abdominal distention, locks or heartburn can be observed.


Often at early stages of pregnancy, in view of feeling sick of the woman, sexual life of future parents fades. Now and during all second trimester of pregnancy comes very favorable time for occupations by love. If doctors have not designated any contraindications, intimate life in this period can be very interesting.

Changes in structure of generative organs of the woman caused by pregnancy will present to both partners new bright feelings. The only thing that it is necessary to make is to pick up poses convenient for sex, as the tummy already has rather serious sizes and any, even slightest, pressure upon it is extremely undesirable.

16 Weeks Pregnant: What's Happening at 16 Weeks Pregnancy?

Weight and Food

By sixteenth week you will manage to gain already about three kilograms, in comparison with that weight which you had before pregnancy. From this point gaining of weight will be faster therefore it is necessary to watch fixedly this process not to complicate childbirth. Average weight gain at 16 weeks pregnant 400 g.

It is possible to control weight and it is necessary by means of a healthy nutrition. Remember that your food now supports not only your health, but also health of your kid who now develops very dynamically.

In general principles of food don't change from last weeks and everything that it is necessary for you is healthy and good nutrition. If you have not developed nutrition supply scheme up to this point - that's fine, it is possible to cope with it right now. Further, up to childbirth, it is necessary to follow this scheme strictly. The diet at which you eat food about 3-5 times a day in small portions will be optimal.

Among these 3-5 times a big breakfast, full-fledged lunch which includes first course and dinner which should not be heavy are obligatory. Between meals it is better not to have a bite not to force down organism from a set mode and not to get excess weight by the end of pregnancy and after it.

It is possible to eat everything that you want, but it is desirable to exclude any manifestations of salt which promotes accumulation of liquid in organism from your diet and causes hypostases that can negatively affect late stages of pregnancy. Also it is necessary to eliminate from your diet marinades and pickles, smoked and spicy, and also sugar, sweet and flour in large amount. It is necessary to cook food always to full readiness: all that is boiling - to boil as much as possible, all that is fried - to fry thoroughly, - to boil milk and water. All products prepared not up to the end may contain intestinal parasites and infections which, having got to organism of a pregnant woman, can threaten life and health of her kid.

Except food it is worth to pay attention to vitamins which a future mother at the moment have to receive for two people, after all a small organism inside her now actively develops and demands a full-fledged set of vitamins and minerals. The most necessary elements for the organism are calcium and vitamin D. However, don't allow amateur performance and before accepting any drugs, even vitamins, it is worth to consult with the doctor.

Stood Pregnancy

16 Weeks Pregnant 4

Such situation is most characteristic for earlier terms, but at the same time it is impossible to exclude probabilities of a stood pregnancy on the term of the second trimester. The term in 16-18 weeks just is the most dangerous from the point of view of emergence of the stood pregnancy.

The fetuss can be lost and can stop to develop in mother's womb for many reasons, among which there are transplacental infections, chromosomal anomalies, the conflict of Rhesus factor of the mother and the child and many other negative factors. Anyway a stood pregnancy is a huge tragedy and awful loss for any woman. The abortion made earlier before the current pregnancy can significantly promote probability of emergence of the stood pregnancy and death of the fetus in mother's womb.

It is possible to confirm a stood pregnancy by means of the ultrasonography. The specialist by that can establish that heart of the kid does not beat anymore though mummy can't notice it by herself. However, such scary diagnosis cannot be made after primary inspection and always demands the confirmation.

A stood pregnancy which was established absolutely precisely and authentically has to be interrupted in the shortest possible time under due medical supervision. The lost fetus can excite development of inflammatory processes which will provoke infectious infection of the woman in the woman's organism. Bleedings are also very probable.

After very unpleasant process of cleaning the woman without fail she needs complex inspection which will give clear answers to question what reasons there were of a stood pregnancy. Also the inspection will help to define the period of recovery and rehabilitation necessary for the woman who has not become a mother. The following attempt to become pregnant should be postponed, at least, for half a year to give to the organism the chance to be recovered.

Miscarriage at 16 Weeks

What Can Cause a Miscarriage

Most miscarriages – over 70 % are caused by development problems and chromosomal defects in the fetus having a non-standard chromosome set. Over complications include trauma, hard physical labor, hormonal changes, inflectional diseases, uterus growth defects and other health hazards. The future mom’s age is also important, as well as physical and nervous strain.

However, some reasons of miscarriage may be avoided. The risks of a spontaneous abortion are higher if a woman doesn’t adhere to a healthy lifestyle (doesn’t eat properly, smokes, is a drug addict, abuses of caffeine). All these factors influence the formation and development of the ovum.

Signs of Miscarriage at 16 Weeks

Painful sensations in the lower back and in the lower abdomen indicate a starting miscarriage. Weight loss, appearance of white and pink mucus, absence of signs of pregnancy and loss of breast sensitivity. True contractions every 5-20 minutes, tissue clots discharging from the vagina, nausea, frequent stool, brown or bright red blood discharge, sometimes accompanied by spasms. Do not hesitate, if you have at least one of these symptoms, to urgently consult a doctor!

Important to Remember

Make surre you remember that during this period amniotic waters protecting the fetus increase in volume to 250 ml, and the uterus will increse on weight up to 250 grams.


In case of the recommendation of doctors, surely pass research of amniotic waters. However, consider that this research is a very unpleasant procedure, and it can be very dangerous to the fetus. Besides, because of growth of the uterus, there can be locks, diarrhea and abdominal distention. Other problems with gastrointestinal path are also not excluded.

Recommendations for Women

  • It is necessary to sleep in a convenient pose and it is the best of all on one side.
  • Don't eat crude fish or any other unprepared products at all. Do not drink not boiled water. Ignoring this rule, you can subject yourself and the kid to risk of infectious diseases.
  • Forget about high heels as this footwear will provoke varicosity that will not do good neither to you, nor the child.
  • Still it is necessary to remember that your clothes have to be free, easy and not the stomach.

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Pregnancy by Twins at 16 Weeks

On duration of the pregnancy of 16 weeks it is necessary to make the test for chromosomal anomalies and malformations of the fetus, differently it is called screening of the second trimester. The AFP at polycarpous pregnancy always shows above norm therefore it should not frighten you, your kids are developing correctly.

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