11 Month Old Baby

11 Month Old Baby


Child Development, Your Baby at 11 Months

The baby is 11 months and he is not just responding to requests from adults, but utters a few simple words, and most importantly - stands on his own legs and trying to make the first steps. Perhaps he still has not started walking, but with the support he achieves amazing success - will bring slippers or diligently take and throw in the trash candy wrapper, will show all parts of the body - the hands, the nose, the legs and the ears. Great! Encourage these actions, actively cooperate with him, praise and approve.

At the end of the first year of life, many moms finally wean the baby from the breast. It is difficult for a child, because breast-feeding supported psychological relationship with the mother. He is now waiting for emotional support, your positive emotions help him adapt to a new way of life. Most babies at this age are actively gesticulating. They can already say that they are hungry by simple syllables "am-am" and point to the yogurt on the table, apple or cookies. The most significant word-"give" the baby utters with all exactingness and flatness, and when not getting what he wants can be capricious for a long time.

When by 1 year the kid has 8 teeth, he can chew more dense food, actively developing the chewing motions. It should be noted that the appearance of the teeth and their number is individual, and it is not worth to panic, although you can make a roentgenogram. If the teeth do not grow - do not get carried away with solid complementary foods.

Child Development at 11 Months, What He Should Be Able to Do

Just imagine, the baby's weight over a year almost doubled, and in the height he added 25 centimeters!

In addition, the child already can:

  • understand adults and affirmatively nod;
  • rejoice to praise and approval;
  • fulfill the requests - bring things, give objects, put, take and so on;
  • hand-waving "Hi" and "Bye";
  • move on the stairs - climbs and comes down;
  • repeats the action, improving the skills;
  • holds a spoon and tries to take food singlehandedly;
  • simulates the intonation of an adult speech and sounds of animals;
  • hangs on a chin-up bar about a minute;
  • understands the conversation of parents about himself.

The first words of the kid are easy, consist of repetitive syllables. Their meaning depends on intonation - he points to the cat, food on the table. His brain is mature enough to start using a full speaking.

Child Care at 11 Months

At the age of about one year, many toddlers stamp their feet with support or on their own. In any case, you should pay attention to the shoes - he will need shoes with soles, with solid backing, but with good folding so that the leg could not slip off to the side. To build and strengthen the muscles of the foot, it is useful in the summertime to run barefoot on a hard uneven surface such as sand, grass. In the apartment you can use under the feet of the baby a rubber orthopedic pad.

Obstacles in the form of pits, pebbles, twigs massage well the foot, thus contributing to an improvement in the blood circulation and the correct formation of the foot. Continue to train the little one to the pottie. During this period he already can stay dry long enough, so you will need patience to wait it out, not forcing. It's important! Be sure to praise him even for the fact that he just sat on the pottie. The rest care remains the same.

Child Nutrition at 11 Months

11 months old baby food

The first major theme, which moms discuss on the playground, is children's nutrition. How to increase servings when a child nears one year? What new kinds of products to offer? Ration of a baby can be compared with adult dietary menu (cereals, vegetables, low-fat meat, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products, bread, biscuits, rolls, fruit), however there are products with the introduction of which delay is desirable. It is, above all, citrus fruit, which can cause allergies, nuts, whole fat milk, fish which are hard for bowel and stomach to digest.

The grinding of food is different. A large part of nutrition are cereals or a puree crushed to small pieces. You cannot give spicy, fried, smoked food and with lots of spices. It is best to cook steamed or boiled food.

Day Regimen of a Child at 11 Months

The day regimen of an 11-month-old toddler takes into account his increased activity. The number of feedings is already the same as for an adult. Between them the kid sleeps, eats one or two times, plays. He wakes up early enough - about 6-7 am. The first feeding is after the morning procedures, about 8-8.30 am. You can plan massage and physical activities early enough before the afternoon nap, but about an hour after the first feeding. Bathing is no longer necessarily to carry out daily, but washing is required. It is better to choose specific days for bathing. Five times meals, the last meal is at 22-00.

Intervals between feedings should not be more than 4-4.5 hours. Night's sleep lasts 10-11 hours, many at this time go to the one-time daytime sleep. The main thing is that the baby gets a good sleep. Around the age of one year you can think about the future visit of the kindergarten, and adjust the day regimen for the kindergarten's, so then it should be easier to adapt - daytime sleep at 13.00-15.00. Help the baby adapt to new conditions, introduce changes imperceptibly, without focusing on them. Remember that the regimen of the day is just the help in the development of the baby and for a mom is easy care. Be careful, but not irritable, try to correctly catch the mood of the child.

Activities With a Child at 11 Months, How to Develop

Your voice and your closeness is very important for a child. Reading best promotes the development of thinking. Toddlers begin to associate books with your style of communication, so it is very easy to instill a love to books at this age. Let the child play with colorful cardboard books, show the pictures, tell what's on them. Read, varying the timbre of voice, maintain the interest in the story. Try to do this often enough, but not for long. The kid still can't focus on a single activity for a long time. Read him a short verse on the page, look at the picture with him - and let him to get a little distracted, if he's unable to sit still in one place. Then move on to another page.

Expand the stock of imitating words. Name everything that the child points to, the names of relatives, friends, small children on the playground, the names of toys. Repeat the sounds of animals, looking at pictures - very soon the baby will tell you how the cow says "moo", the kitten "meow" and how the frog croaks. He's not just playing with a doll, but is able to play with her the whole performance - feed, put to sleep, put on the pottie and feed from child kitchenware. Your baby should have everything needed for this - baby cups, spoons, doll cribs, even a pottie and dining table.

Playing on the playground or at another company try to tell your child that the toys should be shared with his friends. Comb the doll hair with the baby, bathe Kewpie dolls in the toy bath, generally teach a kid to play. Pile with him cubes, pyramids, houses and turrets. Encourage active cooperation in him, praise and support emotionally.

Toys and Games for Children at 11 Months

Almost a year-old toddler is ready to play with objects of the adult, often flatly brushing aside ordinary toys. Use his desire when cooking in the kitchen - let the baby add pieces of vegetables on a plate or rinse the spoon in a bowl with water. In the store the little one can put small products in the basket. Playing, the kid will learn to work. Every day show your baby new actions. Periodically change the toys, so they do not become boring. Do not offer all the toys at once - this is a big mistake! The baby may lose interest in them.

Medical Care at 11 Months

If your child is standing on his feet, but does not walk alone, but clings to the hand and moves well near the crib - don't worry. But if he does not get on his feet - consult an orthopedist. You may be prescribed specific exercises, giving load on leg muscles to grow strong enough. Massage and gymnastics are still required for all children. Water massage while bathing gives good results, but only in the morning or a few hours before bedtime, so as not to cause unnecessary excitement.

Video: 11 Month Old Baby Growth & Development Stages.

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