10 Months Pregnant

10 Months Pregnant



How many weeks is 10 months in pregnancy, the 10th month of pregnancy is the 40-42th weeks.

All About fhe Tenth Month of Pregnancy

Nine months have passed. And your baby is not in a hurry to be born Why? And what does the mom have to do? Many women who have not given birth prior to 40 weeks, have a feeling of excitement and anxiety. The days are dragging and are the same. Women begin to worry and come up with non-existent problems. In addition, all around say that prior to delivery you need to calm down and think of a beautiful thing, but how to relax?

In the beginning, it is necessary to tell, that in modern medicine, the average pregnancy has quite broad limits - plus-minus two weeks from the indicative date of delivery. Therefore, birth from 37 to 42 weeks is considered absolutely normal. Modern scholars believe that the normal average pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. There is such a thing as long-term pregnancy-when a woman bore the child for 10 months, and gave birth to a completely healthy baby. Every woman has her own upper limit of normal term of childbirth. What defines it?

Women who have more than 28 days of a cycle, pregnancy over 40 weeks is considered normal. Accordingly, those women who have less than 28 days of a cycle, the norm is 36-40 weeks. Also, women who have complications in the first trimester of pregnancy, there is a high probability of bearing longer term because the child gets all that he lost at first. Still, a woman can overbear the child, if she sets her mind on it (for example, if she is waiting for vacation of her husband, etc.). Throughout the pregnancy, the woman should set herself to the positive mood and easy childbirth.

10 Months Pregnant Belly Pictures

pictures of 10 months pregnant belly

The Signs of Overdue Pregnancy

One of the main features is the long absence of labor. But only your doctor can tell you this after making a comprehensive examination.

What Inhibits fhe Childbirth?

  • lowering the amount of amniotic fluid is a prerequisite to overbearing;
  • the lack of a "front water" slows down delivery and disclosure of the cervix;
  • about the high risk of overbearing also testifies a lack of readiness of the cervix on 40th week;
  • if a child has a dense bone of the skull, narrow fontanel and rhaphes;
  • if in amniotic fluid there is no flakes of cheese-like lubricants (this will show the ultrasound);
  • aging of the placenta (according to ultrasound);
  • turbid from meconium amniotic fluid (according to ultrasound).

There are several views on the reasons for late delivery.

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Medical Aspect

In modern medicine there is an opinion that the reason for overbearing is the lack of "biological preparedness" of the female organism to labor. The cause may be a dysfunction of the regulatory function of the placenta and of the central nervous system of a baby and future mum. Vitamin deficiencies, deterioration of lipid metabolism, endocrine diseases, trauma and abortion also contribute to prolonged pregnancy.

A huge role plays the heredity-if someone of the relatives had overbearing cases, there is a great probability of a recurrence. But, also, pregnancy can be prolonged because of fears and problems of the mother during pregnancy. Childbirth can be stimulated, in addition to medicines, even by psychological means. So the psychological side of the issue is no less important.

Psychological Aspect

Fears of future moms can also contribute to overbearing of a pregnancy. Especially the fear of pregnancy termination. In this position the woman directs all her energy on reduction of processes which can cause miscarriage and premature birth. And this is not conducive to the emergence of labor. In such a state for a pregnant woman the support of loved ones is very important, especially of a husband.

Very good, if her husband is present at the birth. To do this, be sure to attend the prenatal courses for couples. There they will tell how a husband may help relieve the pain during labor and will give practical recommendations. If necessary, you can go to a therapist and worked out this problem yet in the early stages of pregnancy. This will reduce the risk of overbearing a pregnancy.

Such factors as increased uterine tone, smoothing and softening of the cervix also contribute to the emergence of fears. These fears really affect the mental state of women, because they have a medical basis. Such fears are unconscious and can effectively be worked out on antenatal courses. You can also individually consult a psychologist. If the mother before delivery has been very active and got tired, and relaxed during pregnancy, this may cause late childbirth.

Excessive concern about the approaching birth is not conducive to early labor. Therefore, prior to delivery start thinking about the child. Prepare him a bed and clothes. Imagine how you will gently cuddle and kiss him. Together with your husband plan how the dismissal from hospital will take place and the first days of a baby at home. Analyze whether you have prepared everything for the appearance of a baby in your home. Walks in the fresh air are very useful for future moms.

Relatives also make the woman worry, arguing that she has already had to give birth. In this case, it is very important to turn to a good specialist and do an ultrasound to determine the approximate date of the birth. It is important to have a specialist you trust. Especially, it is necessary to discuss with him all your concerns.

Remember that the most important sign that specialists need to urgently intervene is the presence of meconium in the amniotic fluid and weak heartbeat of the child. Your doctor can inform about these symptoms only when performing an ultrasound. For relieving anxiety you can discuss your experiences with family or close friends. Also, fear of the future father before delivery gives a woman the uncertainty and anxiety. In this case, it is necessary to earnestly talk with your husband. This will give the desired positive therapeutic effect.

10 Months Ultrasound Pictures

ultrasound at 10 months pregnant

Assessment of the Readiness of the Woman's Body for Childbirth

The test is designed to determine the readiness of a woman to the labor. You need to sit in a comfortable position and relax. You have to have a watch nearby. Your task is to stimulate the nipples by fingers within a minute 5-6 times at an interval of 3 minutes. To track whether there are labor pains during this procedure, put your hands on the tummy.

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If in the first 3 minutes from start of nipple irritation or within 10 minutes will be at least 3 labor pains, the result can be considered positive. If on the 10 month the test is negative, then there is a predisposition to overbearing.

If a mammary test has a bright positive effect, that is, through a minute of nipple stimulation the uterus reacts, but deliveries have not yet begun, then the child is not yet ready to appear, he needs a little more time.

Why Overdue Pregnancy is Dangerous?

The overborne kids have a high probability of oxygen starvation, because the brain is already fully ripened. Placenta, in such a case, cannot deliver oxygen in the right quantity, necessary for the normal development of the child. Another danger is that dense bones of the skull are very poorly adapted to the canalis parturientis which increases the risk of brain injury. Also, overborne children have amniotic fluid in the lungs.

The most important thing before childbirth is to have an idea with whom and where a woman will give birth. For many parents, it is very important to know a doctor who will take the delivery. Talk to him beforehand, establish trustful relations. It is necessary that the expectant mother before childbirth is calm and focused on the positive result.

Both a woman and a man should be mentally prepared. Support by your husband during pregnancy is one of the main reasons for its positive course. Also, prior to delivery, it is important to prepare loved ones, inform them about your state of mind, so that they, too, are prepared for the fact that a kid can delay and this is perfectly normal. Most of our relatives have a vague idea about the pregnancy, its course, problems that may arise.

Women should remember that every pregnancy is unique. Be sure to heed the advice of the doctor and comply with all of his instructions. And the most important thing is to look forward to the moment when you finally can hear the squawk of your baby and you can take him in your hands, kiss and hug.

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