White Discharge Early Pregnancy

White Discharge Early Pregnancy


White Discharge in Early Pregnancy

During pregnancy any change of state alarms the future mother and, of course, in this period, she needs to closely look after her health. A small amount of mucous discharge, which leaves traces on a linen, is normal, but, if it is strengthened, its consistency or the color is changed, one needs to necessarily turn to the physician.

  • Everything is well, if the discharge of the future mother is transparent or white; sometimes abundant, but does not have odor.
  • If it turned intensely white, curdy – this is the sign of candidiasis, the fungal disease, which is treated under the physician's control in several days.
  • Yellowish or greenish color, putrefactive or "fish" odor are the sign of a bacterial infection. One needs to necessarily turn to a gynecologist.

How Does the Normal Discharge Look?

White vaginal discharge in pregnancy often appears on the first weeks, when a woman does not still exactly know herself that she is in a delicate state of health. Even abundant transparent and white discharge is considered normal option and it is explained by the beginning of the hormonal change in an organism.

In addition, the cervical plug that formed on the uterine cervix, which protects a child developing in the womb causes more profuse discharge from the vagina.

Well, if the discharge of the future mother is mucous, looks like egg whites without flakes and lumps, its color is from transparent to milky- white one and without smell, it does not represent a cause for a worry.

In case of observance of elementary rules of hygiene (regular toilet, use of the daily napkins, which it is desirable to change every 4–6 hours, wear of comfortable underwear from natural cloths), such vaginal discharge does not cause irritation and itch, therefore it is almost inconspicuous.


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If the discharge is sooner white than transparent, its consistency reminds of curds or clabber, candidiasis (milk thrush) can be the cause of its appearance. This disease of the pregnant women is found on different terms, because immunity weakened in expectation of a child creates favorable conditions for breeding of a fungus.

Self-medication in this case is categorically invalid, because the use of the majority of drugs against candidiasis is contraindicated for future mothers, especially on the first trimester.

The fragments of mucus with inclusions of blood in thinner discharge can testify about the erosion of the uterine cervix and cervicitis (inflammation of its duct), the discharge stratifying with membranes and having smell of bad fish are the sign of gardnerellosis (disorder of a micro flora of the vagina, when the Gardnerella bacterium begins to breed in the uterus.

Sometimes, while pregnancy, the white discharge gradually acquires a yellow or a greenish tint. These events indicate the pus appeared in them, it is the sign of a bacterial infection of genitals.

In such situations, one needs to address to a gynecologist to reveal and cure an infection and not to put in danger the child and even the husband, in some cases.

To find out exactly, if white secretions are normal or pathological while pregnancy, is possible only after the doctor takes a swab from the vagina. If you are healthy, content of leukocytes in it is not increased, and rods predominate in the micro flora.

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