When Does Nausea Start In Pregnancy

When Does Nausea Start In Pregnancy


Nausea During Pregnancy

Toxicosis during pregnancy is the reaction of the woman’s body to the fertilized egg that appears in the uterus. The placenta starts to form right after conceiving and is fully formed by the 16th week.

During these first 16 weeks, when the placenta cannot provide total protection from the products of the baby’s metabolic processes getting into the mother’s blood, intoxication of the woman’s body happens.

This intoxication is different among women and known as toxicosis. The symptoms of toxicosis are nausea (of different intensity), sensitivity to smells or foods, and weakness.

Toxicosis: When and How?

Toxicosis can vary depending on the time it starts during pregnancy. Early toxicosis starts at about the 12th week. Its symptoms are nausea, vomiting, weakness, depression, excessive salivation, drowsiness, irritability, and sometimes weight loss.

If the early toxicosis doesn’t progress into a severe form, then it is harmless for the woman and the fetus. If the weakness and weariness persist, then the woman should see the doctor.

Late toxicosis starts after the 20th week of pregnancy and threatens both the future mother and the fetus. The symptoms are edema (swelling), nephropathy (the high levels of protein in the urine), headaches, increase in blood pressure, blurred vision, fainting, convulsion, rapid weight gain (more than half a kilogram daily), and vomiting (more than 20 times a day).

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