What To Expect During Pregnancy

What To Expect During Pregnancy


What to Expect During Early and Late stage Pregnancy

Hello dear women and quiet possible future mothers! Though why only women, it will also be useful and interesting for future fathers to learn about what their beloveds will endure during pregnancy and what is necessary to prepare for in advance.

How your pregnancy will proceed, it is only possible to suppose, very likely that nobody will risk to tell precisely. Today we will speak about various problems and surprises which take place during pregnancy.

What Can We Wait For at the Beginning of Pregnancy?

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We will begin with the fact that if the pregnancy is planned, it is easier for future parents to adapt to changes in the organism as many questions are already clear and expected. Another matter, when news about pregnancy - is unexpected news.

For certain each of us knows that such unpleasant phenomenon as toxicosis is a characteristic of the first months of pregnancy. It is necessary to say that every woman experience it in her own way: some women feel slight nausea and only in the morning, others can feel sick for days on, moreover with vomiting attacks.

To make the symptoms of toxicosis easier you can try the following:

  • eat not much and often, do not go without food;
  • go for a walk in the fresh air more often and for a longer time;
  • you can always have with you sugar candies, nuts or seeds;
  • avoid unpleasant smells.

When pregnancy appears each woman has breast pain, swelling of mammary glands, increasing of breasts in size. Also there is a constant wish to sleep, you feel tired. And there is no wonder, the organism needs a lot of energy and forces for reorganization thus, it will give you signals about necessity of good rest.

There are also changes of tastes, now you will choose food more carefully. Something will become your favorite dish, and for some, which have been your favorite dishes earlier, you will feel disgust. Frequent urinations, plentiful salivation satellites also can be called companions of pregnancy. And if you are told about them beforehand, you will take them quite normally, and you will survive them easier.

Some pregnant women notice that hair begins to drop out, others on the contrary notice that hair becomes more thick and obedient. Again everything is individual. It is important to control vagina discharges. As in the first months of pregnancy the threat of miscarriage is very high. It is necessary to tell the doctor about any suspicious discharges immediately. Don't forget that it is necessary to be registered on conducting pregnancy. It is desirable to do it until the 12th week.

What to Expect in Late Terms of Pregnancy?

The middle of pregnancy is considered as the finest period. The organism has already reorganized, a belly is still small, the baby doesn't cause discomfort to mother. Everybody admires you and gives you compliments. You feel a charge of cheerfulness and energy and toxicosis often ends finally by the 20th week. You have a new image now, it is necessary to choose clothes for future mothers. Everything is wonderful. But, the term of childbirth is closer, and more problems appear.

For example, the belly is already big, as the baby in the third trimester actively puts on weight. It becomes hard to walk, the back hurts, also edema of extremities can appear. Doctors can diagnose a uterus tone and problems with pressure increasing aren't excluded. For this reason future mothers are sent to the maternity leave after the 30th week. The same, frequent urinations, tiredness, drowse. Now you are getting ready for childbirth, and this is rather hard work both of you, for you and for the baby.

In late terms of pregnancy, you can even face with hemorrhoids for the first time. It is necessary to be ready for premature labor; therefore the doctor will recommend you to carry the prenatal record with you all the time. Some women have stuffiness in nose and this misfortune passes only after the delivery. Now you are more interested in a question how everything has to begin, that is why it is worth learning about harbingers of birth, to choose maternity hospital, to prepare the husband for joint childbirth if you plan such event.

Generally, pregnancy is a very individual state, each woman experiences it in her own way. But, at the same time, it is the most wonderful state for any woman. And even if there are troubles in this time, we can survive them, because at the end of this priceless reward is waiting for us - the birth of the new little man, our baby.

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