Weird Pregnancy Cravings

Weird Pregnancy Cravings


Weird Cravings During Pregnancy

Many future moms notice a change in their taste habits, when suddenly they start craving foods that they normally hated and vice versa, hate the foods that used to be their favorite. The same story can happen with the odd smells as well. Sometimes a pregnant woman can start acting really weird. For example, she realizes that she can’t stand her favorite coffee anymore but craves raw meat instead, or she craves eating coffee grounds with a fresh potato. Some want to lick a soap bar, others crave fast food like a hamburger and battered chicken wings. Another mom-to-be would eat sweet condensed milk with beer or chips with baked milk.

Weird Pregnancy Cravings: Reasons

There are different opinions and theories about weird pregnancy cravings. As for scientific opinion, some doctors believe that those cravings are the result of a deficiency of some nutrients in a pregnant woman’s meal plan. Others blame hormonal imbalance that happens quite often during pregnancy.

Another theory is based on the fact that emotional state and eating can be linked together, which means that weird craving of particular food is the way our mind addresses an emotional stimulus.

Weird Pregnancy Cravings: What Do they Mean?

Top 20 Weird Pregnancy Cravings

Weird Pregnancy Cravings List

There are a number of reasons for a sudden craving of some unusual food. Of course, only a doctor can identify the real reason behind your cravings, after a thorough examination and tests for nutritional deficiency and diseases. The craving for certain foods can tell a lot about your health. Preventive measures can help you to avoid big health issues and save your future baby.

  • Cravings for pickles. Possible reason: an inflammation or infection in the body, or a urinary tract infection.
  • Cravings for sour foods. Possible reason: hypoacidity (low stomach acid).
  • Cravings for sweet. Possible reason: stress, mental strain or fatigue, periodontitis, caries, other oral or teeth problems.
  • Cravings for chalk. Possible reason: vitamin D and calcium deficiency caused by the baby’s increased needs. Advice: eat more dairy products and fish. Ask your doctor about health supplements that will help you and your future baby.
  • Cravings for bananas. Possible reason: potassium deficiency.
  • Cravings for lemons and cranberry. Possible reason: potassium and vitamin C deficiency.
  • Cravings for seaweed. Possible reason: iodine deficiency.
  • Cravings for cheese. Possible reason: sodium deficiency.
  • Cravings for green vegetables. Possible reason: folic acid and vitamin C deficiency.
  • Cravings for beer. Possible reason: vitamin D deficiency.
  • Cravings for ice or clay (with metallic taste in the mouth). Possible reason: iron deficiency anemia.
  • Cravings for laundry powder and cigarette butts. Possible reason: iron deficiency.
  • Cravings for chocolate. Possible reason: B-complex vitamin deficiency.
  • Cravings for red meat. Possible reason: protein deficiency.
  • Cravings for peaches. Possible reason: beta-carotene deficiency.

We are talking about serious cases when a future mom has an “obsessive” craving that doesn’t goes away for days. An innocent wish for a slice of cheese once in a while doesn’t mean that something is wrong in your body.

Food Cravings and Psychology

Strange food cravings of a pregnant woman are a signal for a future father. It’s quite possible that a pregnant woman is trying (though unconsciously) to seek her partner’s attention by behaving like that.

The following phrases addressed to a partner are very common during pregnancy: “Cook me something nice!” “Surprise me!” “Buy me something that I would like”. It can be a sign that a future mom lacks attention from her partner.

If a partner is near and supports a future mom in her daily routines it can guarantee a safe pregnancy.

Should the Man Attend to the Strange Cravings of His Pregnant Partner?

It fully depends on the cravings and, of course, your means.

Some women can request a forest berry in the middle of a February, or put their head out when in the car to smell the emissions. It’s clear that the latter won’t do any good to neither the woman or to her future baby. An exotic fruit craving in an improper time of the year is certainly a mere whim, which can be ignored. Though if a future father or other relatives can afford car trips in the middle of a night in search of an exotic fruit or gourmet meats, why not?

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