Warts In Children

Warts In Children


Wart on Child

Children are more predisposed to various viral diseases. One of such disorders is wart. Children’s warts are benign new growths which are small and rough skin growths on various parts of the body. More often they occur on hands or feet.

Causes of Emergence of Warts in Children

Wart is the viral disease caused by a viral infection, specifically by human papillomavirus.

Main reasons for emergence of warts are:

  • direct contact with the virus carrier;
  • common toys (as a rule, such infection occurs through household objects less often);
  • visiting the public swimming-pool.

Spread of the virus is promoted by the following factors:

  • injuries of skin (including microinjuries);
  • sharp decrease in immunity;
  • increased perspiration of feet;
  • wearing inconvenient and damp shoes over a long period of time.

Types of Warts in Babies

Warts which are seen in children vary in their types.

These include:

  • Common, or vulgar warts. As a rule, such warts develop on child’s fingers, hands, knees or elbows. These are grayish-brown colored and dome-shaped small firm outgrowths. They have rough surface resembling a cauliflower.
  • Flat children’s warts. Their approximate size is about a pin head. Flat warts are flattened and have smoother surface than other types. They can be of different colors – yellow, light brown or pink. Such warts can occur in large numbers most common on child’s face and can also affect hands, knees or elbows.
  • Plantar warts, which occur in children. They strike feet and usually only found on pressure points on the soles. These warts can give an inconvenience during walking (felt like the stone on the sole). Have the dense horny structure, gray and dirty color.
  • Filiform warts which occur in children are finger-like flesh-colored warts. Most common they strike area around mouth and near the eyelids and lips. They can also occur directly in mouth, nose, or neck.

Whether the Illness is Dangerous?

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The most of types of warts are considered to be harmless and don't cause any complications. Separate types of these new growths can become cancerogenic in rare instances. After self-treatment there can be scars and hems on the place of an outgrowth.

To Treat or Not to Treat?

Actually warts which occur in children are small skin outgrowths caused by a viral infection. But such each growth needs to be shown to the pediatrician to make sure that it is a wart indeed. It is dangerous to undertake wart removal on one's own without confirmation of the diagnosis. The doctor has to check all unusual outgrowths on the child's skin, especially similar to warts, to make sure that they are not malignant.

Don’t even try to remove lip warts, or eyelids warts from the child’s face without medical assistance: it would have left scars after such treatment. Skin on these places very gentle therefore it is difficult to avoid an unattractive scar. Children’s warts can vanish themselves, but, in several months or even years, perhaps. If child transmits warts emergence normally, then it is better to leave warts to their own. But if people around laugh at the child or warts disturb him (foot warts prevent to go or run normally, for example), then it is better to remove these warts.

Treatment of Warts in Children

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The Most Widespread Methods

Suggestion and auto-suggestion. Huge opportunities of human mind are already proved for a long time. Try to wish strongly that warts on the child’s skin have disappeared. Convince the children to represent within several minutes every day as their warts disappear. This small experiment won't do any harm, but the positive effect can be. It is necessary just to explain to the little child that in case of failure he or she shouldn't feel guilty.

Pharmaceutical means. As a rule, such medicines are sold without recipes. It can be salicylic ointment or other preparations on the basis of salicylic acid. It is necessary to treat growth with these preparations directly, trying not to smear healthy sites of skin. In case with constantly fidgeting children, a special adhesive plaster is used. It is necessary to use pharmaceutical means according to the instruction. Remember, that any treatment needs the time for total removal of warts. Therefore you shouldn't rush to extremes and to test various preparations on the child.

Traditional Methods of Treatment

  • electrodesiccation;
  • cryosurgery;
  • laser.

Prevention of Warts in Children

As prophylaxis of warts infection developing in children it is recommended to follow the next rules:

  1. Don’t let your child go barefoot in public rooms (pools, gyms).
  2. Dry child’s footwear often, as damp environment is the ideal natural breeding place for the virus of papilloma.
  3. Treat child's feet with antibiotic medium, which prevents infection.
  4. Make sure that the child's feet are kept always dry.

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