Uterus Size During Pregnancy

Uterus Size During Pregnancy


Uterus Size in Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is always accompanied by substantive changes in female organism. All essential systems and inner bodies adapt to a new rhythm of life to give to future child the chance for development and growth. And the uterus, this temporary home for the child, undergoes certainly the most significant changes during this time.

During pregnancy, as child moves along the development path inside maternal womb, the uterus size changes. It stretches, changes location and increases enormously so that the fetus grows according to the rhythm provided by the nature. And today we will explain how the uterus grows in size in pregnancy and how the doctors determine probability of successful child-bearing.

What are the Sizes of Uterus During Pregnancy for Weeks?

During pregnancy the uterus increases due to myometrium active division. Myometrium is the uterus center consisting of smooth muscles. As the uterus becomes larger, there are new muscle fibers which are gradually thickened and extended.

What size of uterus may be observed for weeks at pregnancy? If you consider the changes of the uterus sizes for weeks, it should be noted that on the fourth week of pregnancy the uterus has the size of a hen's egg. At the same time one of the corners of uterine wall is puffed up. That it is because of fetal egg growth. A little later, the fetal egg fills uterine cavity completely therefore such protrusion vanishes.

On the eighth week of pregnancy the uterus sizes remind the sizes of goose egg normally, that is it increases twice, gaining spherical shape. By tenth week of pregnancy the uterus increases approximately by 3 times and by third month by 4 times.

So, the normal uterus size during the 12th week of pregnancy can be compared to a head of the newborn child, and this time the bottom of uterus touches pubis joints. But if it increases due to intensive division of muscle cells during the period till fifth month of pregnancy, lengthening and a thickening of muscle fibers, then after the twentieth week the uterus grows because of thinning and stretching of its walls.

The Changing Value of Uterus Sizes

Uterus Size In Pregnancy

Before conception thickness of uterine walls makes about four or five centimeters, and before childbirth this value decreases approximately by 4 times.

Other values of the uterus sizes also undergo changes: length of the uterus before pregnancy equals about seven or eight centimeters, and last months of pregnancy the uterus can be extended to 38 centimeters.

If uterus width before conception could be from 4 to 6 centimeters, then before childbirth it increases to 24-26 centimeters. The volume of uterine cavity increases in about 500 times at the end of pregnancy period.

Before childbirth weight increases according to enlarged sizes of the uterus during pregnancy, too. During last month of child-bearing the uterus can weigh about one kilogram without the weight of fetal covers and the fetus itself.

The course of growth of uterus occurs smoothly and gradually therefore the pregnant woman doesn't even feel it. But, nevertheless, the belly grows according to norms of the uterus sizes in pregnancy. This noticeable part of the body seems to become swollen. For example, during the sixth month of pregnancy the bottom of uterus is placed at the belly button level, and by seventh month it may be already two-three fingers above umbilical area. During the 38th week the uterus reaches its highest location. It is a peculiar signal to the organism that the baby is already going to be born.

Process of Uterus Growth: Possible Pathologies

Normal uterus growth must usually be in strict conformity with terms of pregnancy.

If the size of the uterus is less than the estimated size corresponding to current term of pregnancy, the doctor can reveal the following pathologies:

  • placentary insufficiency;
  • lack of water;
  • embryo growth inhibition for the genetic reasons;
  • low or transverse position of embryo.

The uterus sizes which are more the norm on the certain term of pregnancy occur at such states:

  • abundance of water;
  • large fetus;
  • molar pregnancy or chorionic epithelioma;
  • tumor of placenta tissues;
  • pelvic presentation of embryo.

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