Toxemia In Pregnancy

Toxemia In Pregnancy


What is Toxemia of Pregnancy

Toxemia during pregnancy is a quite common phenomenon. Toxemia in the first trimester of pregnancy is short. But in the second half of pregnancy toxemia is more dangerous. Many women complain of nausea from the first weeks after conception. In medical terms this phenomenon is called "toxemia ". And if the doctors do not fear for the patient in the first half of pregnancy, the toxemia (or preeclampsia) in its second half is much more dangerous.

Causes of Toxemia During Pregnancy

Once conception has occurred, together with the fetus the placenta begins to develop, which is formed by about 16 weeks. Prior to this period, the placenta is not developed enough to protect a woman's body from metabolic products, produced by a child. They go directly into the blood and cause intoxication. With every future mom it is manifested in different ways: nausea, intolerance of odors, certain foods.

Another cause of toxemia during pregnancy the doctors call the hormonal changes that occur in a woman's body at this time. As a result, the centers of smell, touch, larynx tissue that are responsible for the gag reflex become more sensitive and excitable. And in this case vomiting, nausea and disgust may also occur, caused by certain smells which does not affect a woman in her normal state.

Hereditary Factors of Toxemia During Pregnancy

In the opinion of obstetricians and gynecologists, women’s reaction to these changes depends on hereditary factors. If the mother of the pregnant woman did not experience acute attacks of toxicity, then the daughter will as easily bear its symptoms. For example, it can only be rocking in transport or smell aggravated to some extent. But not more!

And there is a very severe toxemia – persistent vomiting in the morning, retching nausea at some of the smells, the reluctance to take any food. The stronger intoxication, the more acute are these signs. And they do not affect a woman's life before pregnancy. On the contrary, according to doctors, toxemia in the first half of pregnancy suggests that hormonal changes are taking place, and all in the body of a pregnant woman comes naturally as the nature intended.

More often toxemia is observed in women who are preparing to become a mother for the first time. But if the expectant mother conducts a wrong way of life, there is a likelihood of toxemia in the second half of pregnancy. And this is much more serious.

Toxemia in the Second Half of Pregnancy

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The fact is that the second half of pregnancy, according to the laws of its development, must not be accompanied by toxemia. It rarely happens that a certain food causes nausea and vomiting. But if it happens all the time, the doctors say about the complication, which is called "preeclampsia". It is characterized by the appearance of edema, urinary protein, weight gain more than 400 grams per week and blood pressure is higher than 130/100.

The stronger the symptoms, the more severe is the condition of a pregnant woman. If in time these signs are not arrested, they may end up in failure. A woman who constantly goes to see the gynecologist will be advised of the initial stage of preeclampsia. And she will be offered in-patient treatment. Preeclampsia is treated based on the particular situation and its severity.

Typically, doctors prescribe drugs that lower blood pressure, improve microcirculation of blood flow at a mum, kidney function. So why does the preeclampsia arise? It turns out that the cause is a wrong way of life of future moms.

  • Is the woman eating a lot of salt? The work of the kidneys may disrupted. So limit yourself: pickles are not what you need now.
  • If you continue to indulge in fatty, spicy, sweet foods, you will probably gain more than 10 kilograms for the period of pregnancy.
  • Excess fat is accumulating that the body must supply with blood. This leads to high blood pressure, vascular spasm, substances needed by the body are found in the urine, increased burden on the lungs, heart, kidneys.

Reserve capacity of the organism have been exhausted, and it begins steal from the unborn child, and then it refuses to work. To avoid this, you have to eat right, strictly follow the weight and follow the doctor's recommendations. By the way, preeclampsia does not necessarily repeat itself during the second and following your pregnancies that can occur absolutely calm.

Toxemia in Early Pregnancy

Doctors recommend patiently endure the symptoms of toxemia during the first weeks of pregnancy. If vomiting attacks do not make it possible to live a normal life, the gynecologist will appoint a soft herbal drugs, which will ease the woman's condition and reduce toxicity. At the same time they do not harm the future baby. However, while a woman is treated, she feels fine. As soon as she stops, toxemia is coming back again.

But after 16 weeks the condition should be fully normalized. The placenta is already capable of sufficiently protect the body of the baby products of metabolism, and hormones stabilize. Until then, if toxemia is not too sharp, you can try to use folk remedies. Some women start the morning with breakfast in bed. Fortified, they cease to feel nauseous. To others help toasted croutons in the morning and sweet hot tea. To the third – the water with lemon.

Prevention of Toxemia During Pregnancy

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It is desirable that your family understands your condition. For example, a pregnant woman is irritated by pungent odor of the male toilet water. Or food with a sharp aroma: coffee, garlic, onions, and various sauces. All this must be temporarily excluded from the diet. Well, if the expectant mother is not overloaded with work, is living in an atmosphere of harmony, of universal love, eats right, sleeps enough, plenty of moves and spends outdoors the needed number of hours. Is it an utopia for you? Try at least a little closer approach yourself to the ideal – for the sake of the child.

But in the career you are sure to catch up later, when your lovely baby is born! Of course, toxemia is an unpleasant event, but it's still temporary. And it does not go to any comparison with the joy of motherhood. Do not think ill of the future child when you feel sick in the morning. Better to imagine what a wonderful, young, soft and tender he will be when is born. And it will become a little bit easier for you!

What Will Facilitate the State of a Pregnant Woman in Early Toxaemia?

Eat little and often, and drink tea made from mint – the most common recommendations to facilitate toxemia during pregnancy. Homeopathy is used also that influences the body's natural defenses and optimizes the work of all organs and body systems. To achieve this, it sometimes needs only one very small, but exact impact, for example, swallow several homeopathic beads at the beginning of pregnancy. Next, the body works itself. Therefore long-term courses of treatment with homeopathic medicines are usually not prescribed. But medical supervision must be constant.

Ingestion of homeopathy at the beginning of pregnancy in some women stops nausea for the rest of the time. And if it does not stop with someone, then in any case it will weaken. Homeopathic treatment is not the same for everybody. Nuances determine the prescription. For example, a woman wakes up with a feeling of nausea, then vomiting begins. Aversion causes the smell of meat, especially when it is being cooked, and perfume smells of very specific line.

At the other woman a day, too, begins with nausea. No vomiting. But there is an appetite, but very naughty. The woman chooses for a long time what she would have. Having chosen, she eats two spoons – then the appetite disappears. A third woman's pregnancy coincided with the emergence of financial problems. Anxiety and irritability are growing. Therefore the nausea happens 24 hours a day. The medical record of each of these women probably has the same four words: «toxemia of pregnancy of the first trimester». The homeopath qualifies their condition as different. Accordingly, the treatment in each of these cases will be different.

Ideally, to avoid toxicity, the purification of the body should be undergone not during, but prior to pregnancy. Many training courses for childbirth pay serious attention to it, therefore be sure to prepare to conceive in advance.

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