Tilted Uterus During Pregnancy

Tilted Uterus During Pregnancy


Tilted Uterus and Pregnancy

While planning pregnancy, women quite often face a problem of retroversion of uterus. Because of this reason pregnancy beginning could be postponed, because it is difficult for spermatozoon to reach ovaries. In modern practice the prevalence of uterus retroinflection (or retroversion of uterus) is 15-20 per cent among all women. Very often, the presence of such pathology becomes known in the antenatal clinic, where a woman comes to consultation on conception problems.

Retroinflection (or a retroversion of uterus) is pathology, but not an illness. This pathology is shown as the incorrect position of uterus in the woman’s small pelvis. It can be congenital feature, and also result of the previous inflammation. Besides, retroversion of uterus of the uterus could be provoked by insufficiency ovaries functioning. The correct position of the uterus in the small basin is characterized as follows.

The uterus settles down almost in the middle in the depth of the small pelvis, and is in parallel with vagina. Such position of the uterus is natural, and provides spermatozoa to have succeeded in reaching ovaries. Which is exactly why, even a small change in such position could lead to problems with conception.

Types of Pathologies

Usually, during examination experts distinguish several types of the incorrect position of uterus.

There are such types of retroversion of uterus:

  • The uterus retroinflection, when the uterus is more behind and closer to a rectum. The retroinflection is a concept which used to designate retroversion of uterus.
  • The uterus lateroflection, when the uterus is bent to the right or left ovary aside.
  • The uterus anteflection, when the uterus is removed forward, closer to a bladder. There appears small obtuse angle because of that reason. For women who didn't give birth at all, such position of uterus is normal because after delivery this position is often normalized.
  • Anteversion of uterus, is characterized as well as the anteflection, but in that case cervix of the uterus is deflected together with the uterus.

Some other cases occur in clinical practice besides retroversion of uterus. This includes the turn of uterus along the axis, when the uterus looks as if it is about to be twisted.


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Pictures: tilted uterus during pregnancy.

The retroversion of uterus can be provoked by the various reasons.

We will consider here the most important and the most popular of them:

  • The diseases which are characterized by inflammatory processes. Such as andeksit, endometriosis, inflammation of appendages and other.
  • Anatomic features, are found in many female bodies and are normal for them. At such women retroversion of uterus doesn't have an effect on reproductive functions directly, as on general state of health.
  • Weak muscles of a small pelvis and weak tone of ligaments.
  • Ovarian or uterus tumors.
  • Intestines diseases.
  • Intensive physical activities.


The main signs of retroversion of uterus are problems with conception, and also symptoms of diseases of reproductive system of women. Such as painful sensation or profuse discharge at monthly periods, pain during sex, emergence of dense clots. The frequent urination occurs at uterus anteversion as at uterus antefleksion, too. The result usually of uterus pressing against bladder. Such situation can even cause pregnancy termination.

If retroversion of uterus has been provoked by an inflammation and adhesions formation processes occur as the result of that, conception couldn’t happen not so much because of retroversion of uterus but mostly  because of impossibility of spermatozoa penetration into an ovum. If there no adhesions in both uterine tubes, and conception is successful after all, there would be high probability of spontaneous abortion.

What to Do?

The profit of pregnancy planning is that before conception a woman consults a doctor seeking professional advice and put herself in expert hands. Adhesions formation and inflammatory processes as well as retroversion of uterus generally may be found at primary survey.

Besides, the gynecologist must be able to understand whether the uterus retroversion is the acquired or congenital process. If this retroversion is of congenital nature, you don't undertake any measures, but if it is acquired process, than therapy is ought to have been carried out.

Depending on the reason of retroversion of uterus emergence, medical professionals have to decide what kind of therapy is to perform. If the immediate cause could be an inflammation, then anti-inflammatory medicines, antibiotics, and physical therapy must be appointed. If adhesions formation processes are noticed, then therapy consists in some surgical interventions, in particular, laparoscopic assisted procedures.

And, in addition, experts recommend to do special gymnastics which strengthens muscles of the small pelvis and to perform Kegel's physical exercise. Kegel's gymnastics is very effective for strengthening of muscles the small pelvis.

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