The Third Pregnancy

The Third Pregnancy


What Expect From Third Pregnancy

With the improvement of living standards in society, a modern woman can make a decision to have a third child. Most often, it is a conscious decision of both parents, who realize that they have the means and strength for raising a large family.

Third Pregnancy Development

Due to the previous experience, a woman is well acquainted to the changes in her body during pregnancy and feels comfortable in this state. Now, she is expecting the appearance of her baby without worries. Generally, the third and subsequent pregnancies are not accompanied by toxemia, even though it has occurred in the previous pregnancies.

Most women decide to become mothers for the third time after reaching their thirties, or even later. However, this fact may pose risks for a woman’s health. By this age, women may have some chronic diseases in their history. These may be the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart diseases, thyroid gland diseases, or gynecological disorders, which may affect the course of pregnancy. Therefore, before getting pregnant, you should pass a full medical examination to make sure that you can carry a healthy baby.

Another risk during pregnancy in middle-aged women is the occurrence of congenital defects in newborns. It is recommended to consult a geneticist before getting pregnant and pass the screening tests during pregnancy for identifying the possible risks.

As we get older, human venous system changes greatly. During middle age, you may face such problems in pregnancy as hemorrhoids and varicose veins, even if you have not had them before. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor hemoglobin and iron levels in organism by passing blood tests before getting pregnant and during the entire pregnancy.

Features of the Third Pregnancy

The Third Pregnancy: What To Expect This Time Around?

It is recommended to maintain your belly with the help of prenatal bandages. The bandage fixes the correct position of the belly and reduces the load on the spine. Wearing bandage will help to avoid lower back pain and stretch marks appearance.

Another risk during the pregnancy is placenta praevia, when the placenta is attached to the mouth of the uterus or sometimes blocks it. Low insertion of placenta may be a consequence of depletion of the mucous membrane of the uterus. With constant medical supervision of the gynecologist, it may not cause any risks to a woman’s health and the baby. However, in this case the doctor may indicate a caesarian section. Most often, the fetus in the third pregnancy is much bigger in size and this can be a reason for cesarean section as well.


One of the advantages is that the labor goes faster. The organism of a woman, who has had one or two labors in her history, is well-prepared for the childbearing. The pelvic muscles are well-stretched and the cervix dilates faster. This is beneficial for both a mother and baby, and lowers the risk of birth defects.

Still there can be some complications. Due to stretching of muscles, postpartum bleeding can last longer that may lead to the excessive blood loss. However, try not to think about the bad consequents. Today, hospitals possess modern equipment and necessary means to prevent possible complications during labor and make the process safe for a woman and her baby.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend labor induction. The reason for labor induction is the absence of contractions and expulsive pains during childbirth. It can cause the lack of oxygen for a baby and threaten a baby’s life. However, these possible variants of the course of labor do not mean that your case will be the same. In hospitals pregnant women are observed by the qualified specialists, who permanently control the labor process. Stay positive and think about the happy moment of holding your child in your hands.

Women’s Health After Labor

After the third or subsequent labors, the uterus may contract slower. It may lead to inflammation development and excessive bleeding. In these cases, the doctor may prescribe injections to force the contractions of the uterus muscles after the childbirth.

The greatest advantage, which may also be a dignity of a woman, who has had one or more labors, is that breast milk comes immediately after birth. After the first labor, milk usually appears on the third day.

In summary, you should remember that the childbirth brings a special time for a woman. Every pregnancy is unique and different from others. When a woman decides to become a mother for the third time, it means that she possesses unspent love, which she may give to all her children.

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